Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 10 September 2016
Activity: Medical Care

As a part of several social welfare activities regularly/periodically conducted by Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada, a camp for Advanced Acupuncture was organized at Atmiya Vidya Dham, Bakrol on 3rd, 4th and on 10th Sept 2016 in which, the doctor Dr. C.U. Patel, an expert in acupuncture treatment had treated nearly 120 patients and gave them relief in their diseases.

ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp Qpgsu kdpS> L$ëepZ“u rhrh^ âh©rÑAp¡“p cpN fy‘¡ ApÐdue rhÛp^pd, bpL$fp¡g Mps¡ sp.3, 4 A“¡ 10 kàV¡$çbf, 2016“p fp¡S> A¡X$hpÞk A¡¼ey‘„L$Qf L¡$ç‘“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. A¡¼ey‘„L$Qf kpfhpf“p r“óZp„s X$p¸. ku.ey.‘V¡$g kpl¡b¡ Ap L¡$ç‘dp„ Apif¡ 120 S>¡V$gp„ v$v$}Ap¡“u kpfhpf L$fu s¡d“¡ fp¡Ndp„ fpls Ap‘u lsu.

On Date: 31 May 2015

The day of 31st May is being observed as “World Tobacco Prohibition Day” the world over. On this occasion, to get relieved the misled/misguided youths of Padra-Jambusar areas from the clutches of their addictions of tobacco and other similar things and evil companies, wrong fashions etc leading them to their hell like life and to prompt them to live an addiction free life, a general meeting, an Atmiya Youth Convention and a program of celebration of “World No Tobacco Day” was organized between 7.00 pm & 10 pm on Sunday, the 31st May 2015 by Yogi Divine Society in the rear compound of Ranchhodji Temple at Masar Road of Padra Dist of Akshar Pradesh (Mobha Region) in the presence of regional saint and elderly persons in which, around 3500 youths and elders as well as nearly 1000 sisters participated and received a very useful and valuable rare guidance.

"31du d¡' A¡ kdN° rhðdp„ "rhð sdpLy$ r“j¡^ qv$hk' sfuL¡$ DS>hpe R>¡ s¡ r“rdÑ¡ kdN° S>“ kdpS>dp„ sdpLy$ s¡dS> AÞe ìek“p¡-Ly$k„N A“¡ a¡i““p¡ Ahmp õhuL$pfu “L®$syëe Æh“dp„’u DNpfhp A“¡ ‘pv$fp-S>„bykf rhõspf“p eyhp“p¡“¡ r“ìe®k“u Æh“ Æhhp“y„ âp¡Ðkpl“ Ap‘hp dpV$¡ ep¡Nu qX$hpC“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp ApÐdue eyhp Ar^h¡i“ A“¡ rhð sdpLy$ r“j¡^ qv$hk“u DS>hZu r“rdÑ¡ frhhpf, sp.31-5-2015“p fp¡S> kp„S>¡ 7:00 ’u 10:00 v$fçep“ Anf âv$¡i (dp¡cp rhcpN)dp„ ‘pv$fp spgyL$p“p dpkffp¡X$ Npd¡ fZR>p¡X$Æ d„qv$f“p ‘pR>m“p d¡v$p“dp„ âpv$¡riL$ k„sp¡ A“¡ hX$ugp¡“u lpS>fudp„ Ål¡f kcp“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„, S>¡dp„ 3500 S>¡V$gp eyhL$p¡ A“¡ hX$ugp¡ s’p 1000 bl¡“p¡A¡ dpN®v$i®“ d¡mìey„ lsy„.


On Date: 01 January 2015
Activity: Medical Care

A never before anywhere in India, a 4 day long festival named “Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav” was celebrated at Haridham, Sokhada, Gujarat, India during 31st Dec 2014 to 3rd Jan 2015 which was attended by lacs of devotees and general public, guests, visitors from entire India and abroad and they had received knowledge and guidance for developing and cultivating basic virtues in life building like service to others, self discipline, Atmiyata, indomitable faith in God, dasatva in their life for truly building it. And to look after and take proper care of all these lacs of people, all the friends from medical and para medical staff who were associated with Yogi Divine Society remained personally present on site for all these days and made the entire event a great and real success by rendering their services day and night with full loyalty.

lqf^pd - kp¡MX$p Mps¡ 31 qX$k¡çbf, 2014 ’u 3 ÅÞeyApfu, 2015 v$fçep“ DS>hpe¡g ApÐdue eyhp dlp¡Ðkhdp„ kdN° cpfs s¡dS> rhv$¡i’u gpMp¡ lqfcL$sp¡A¡ dlp¡Ðkhdp„ D‘[õ’s flu Æh“ OX$sf“p ‘pepê$‘ kv¹$NyZp¡ S>¡hp L¡$ õh^d®-k¡hp-ApÐduesp-r“›$p A“¡ v$pkÐh“y„ tkQ“ Æh“dp„ L¡$hu fus¡ ’pe s¡“y„ A“y‘d cp’y„ d¡mìey„. gpMp¡ dpZk“u s„vy$fõsu“u v$¡Mcpm fpMhp“y„ cNuf’ L$pe® ep¡Nu X$uhpB“ kp¡kpeV$u kp’¡ ApÐduesp“p As|V$ b„^“’u b„^pe¡g d¡X$uL$g A“¡ ‘¡fpd¡X$uL$g õV$pa“p rdÓp¡A¡ fps-qv$hk Å¡ep hNf MX¡$ ‘N¡ dlp¡Ðkh õ’m¡ lpS>f flu Myb Dd„N A“¡ hapv$pfu‘|h®L$ bÅìey„.

On Date: 20 June 2015
Activity: Yoga

When United Nations Organization (UNO) has declared 21st June as International Yoga Day, with a view to spread awareness about it among the widest possible number of public in the society so that they can achieve and enjoy the best and disease free and fit health through advantage of yoga, as a result of joint efforts by Patanjali Yoga Samittee, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha—Anand Dist., Shree Krishna Charitable Trust and Shree Kanam Pradesh Leuva Patidar Samaj – Anand, a Yoga Awareness Youth Rally (Bike Rally) was organized between Anand and Atmiya Vidya Dham, Bakrol on Friday, the 19th June 2015


k„ey¼s fpô²$ k„O (ey“p¡) Üpfp sp.21 S|>““¡ "rhð ep¡N qv$hk' sfuL¡$ DS>hhp“y„ Ål¡f L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ R>¡, Ðepf¡ Apd S>“spdp„ s¡ A„N¡“u ÅN©rs a¡gpe A“¡ blp¡mu k„¿epdp„ gp¡L$p¡ ep¡N“p¡ gpc gB Apfp¡Áe kyMpL$pfu âpá L$f¡ A¡hp l¡sy’u iy¾$hpf, sp.19/6/2015“p fp¡S> ‘„sS>gu ep¡N krdrs, ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u, cpfsue S>“sp eyhp dp¡fQp, ApZ„v$ rS>‰p, îu q¾$ó“p Q¡fuV¡$bg V²$õV$ A“¡ îu L$p“d âv$¡i g¡DAp ‘pV$uv$pf kdpS>, ApZ„v$“p k„ey¼s D‘¾$d¡ Ape®kdpS>, ApZ„v$’u ApÐdue rhÛp^pd, bpL$fp¡g ky^u“u ep¡N ÅN©rs eyhp f¡gu“y„ (bpBL$ f¡gu) Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„.