Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 07 July 2021
Activity: Tribal Care

Welcoming the monsoon, Yogi Divine Society, Haridham-Sokhada held Umbrella Distribution Drive program at Navapura, Tal. Sanand, Dist. Ahmedabad. Complimentary umbrellas were distributed to 100 impoverished & needy people for protection from the rain & maintain their health from the seasonal change.

ચોમાસાના આગમન પહેલાં યોગી ડિવાઈન સોસાયટી, હરિધામ-સોખડા દ્વારા ગરીબ અને જરૂરીયાતમંદ લોકો રોજીંદા જીવનમાં ચોમાસાની ઋતુમાં વરસાદથી પોતાનું રક્ષણ કરીને પોતાનું સ્વાસ્થ્ય જાળવી શકે તેવા હેતુથી નવાપુરા (તા.સાણંદ, જિ.અમદાવાદ) મુકામે ''નિ:શુલ્ક છત્રી વિતરણ'' કાર્યક્રમ યોજી ૧૦૦ લોકોને છત્રી અર્પણ કરી હતી.

On Date: 29 July 2016
Activity: Tribal Care

Yogi Divine Society carries out a number of social welfare activities regularly one of which, is of joining the backward class community with the main stream of the society under which, P. Chintanswami and P. Haritanayswami had visited the most interior and backward areas of Shinor Taluka on Saturday, the 29th July 2016 and met the poor and uneducated residents there to give them the Atmiya Sparsh.

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On Date: 14 January 2017
Activity: Tribal Care

The saints P. Prabodhjivanswami and P. Harinamanswami from Yogi Divine Society had visited during 12th to 14th January 2017 the interior villages of Kapadvanj & Balasinor Taluka from Kheda Dist. and met the poor and backward caste people there to give them the atmiya sparsh and to give them the solutions to their problems/difficulties by listening them.

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On Date: 17 January 2016
Activity: Tribal Care

On Sunday, the 17th January 2016, P. Gungrahakswami and P. Harinamanswami from Yogi Divine Society had visited Bagodara village situated on the borders of Gujarat and Saurashtra to meet the citizens from backward communities of shepherds and cowherds there to give them their Atmiya Sparsh.

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