Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 15 October 2016

The newly constructed/established by Yogi Divine Society at Manjalpur area in Vadodara, the “Atmiya Sanskardham”, for the development and preservation of right and good cultures in the youths, was dedicated to public at the hands of CM of Gujarat, Hon. Sri Vijaybhai Rupani on Saturday, the 15th October 2016, on the omen and sacred day of Sharadpurnima.

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On Date: 18 September 2016

Yogi Divine Society had organized a training seminar, in its Mumbai Center at Atmiya Welfare Center, Kandivali (East) on 18th September 2016 for the students doing their C.A., which was conducted by its regional saint P. Bhaktipriyaswami and Sri Krishnabhai Majithiya (Risk Manager, City Bank, Asia Pacific Region) and an effort was also made to give them the guidance from experts in field of C.A. in which, around more than 45 students had participated.

ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp sp.18-09-2016“p fp¡S> ApÐdue h¡ëa¡f k¡ÞV$f, L$p„v$uhgu, dy„bB Mps¡ ku.A¡.“p¡ Aæepk L$fsp„ rhÛp’}Ap¡ dpV¡$ A¡L$ spgud rirbf“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. âpv$¡riL$ k„s ‘|.c[¼srâeõhpdu s’p k„õ’p“p L$pe®L$f îu q¾$ó“pcpB dÆW$uep (fuõL$ d¡“¡S>f, kuV$u b¢L$, A¡riep ‘¡kuauL$ fuÆe“) Üpfp kdN° L$pe®¾$d“y„ k„Qpg“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. ku.A¡. n¡Ó“p r“óZp„sp¡“y„ dpN®v$i®“ rhÛp’}Ap¡“¡ dm¡ s¡ dpV¡$ âepk L$fhpdp„ Apìep¡ lsp¡, S>¡“p¡ 45’u h^y rhÛp’}Ap¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡ lsp¡.

On Date: 06 August 2016

In its Kandivali center at Mumbai in Ghanshyam Pradesh, Yogi Divine Society had, on Saturday, the 6th August 2016, organized a shibir to guide aspiring jobless youths by Sri Patanjali Alaiya as to how to face the difficulties and successfully clear the interviews.

ir“hpf, sp.06-08-2016“p fp¡S> ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp b¡fp¡S>Npf eyhp“p¡“¡ BÞV$fìey Ap‘su hMs¡ ‘X$su dyíL¡$guAp¡ s’p kamsp‘|h®L$ BÞV$fìey L¡$hu fus¡ [¼gef L$fhp¡ s¡ A„N¡ k¡rd“pf“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fu“¡¡$ îu ‘s„S>gu Ag¥ep Üpfp dpN®v$i®“ Ap‘hpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„.

On Date: 20 June 2016

In a program jointly organized on Monday, the 20th June 2016 by Yogi Divine Society and Savli GIDC Industries Association in Asoj Primary School, Asoj, conducted by Zilla Education Committee, the sets of schoolbags, notebooks, compass boxes and sketch pens were distributed free of cost to 426 students in which, the institution’s saints P. Aacharyaswami and P. Satyaprakashswami and the Industries Association’s leading office bearers were present.

kp¡dhpf, sp.20-06-2016“p fp¡S>, Apkp¡S> dyL$pd¡ Aph¡g rS>‰p rinZ krdrs k„Qprgs Apkp¡S> âp’rdL$ ipmpdp„ ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u s’p d„Sy>kf Æ.ApB.X$u.ku. A¡kp¡iuA¡i““p k„eyL$s D‘¾$d¡ ipmp“p 426 rhÛp’}Ap¡“¡ v$asf, “p¡V$byL$, L„$‘pkbp¡L$k s’p õL¡$Q‘¡““p k¡V$“y„ rhsfZ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. Ap L$pe®¾$ddp„ k„õ’p“p k„sp¡ ‘|.ApQpe®õhpdu, ‘|.kÐeâL$piõhpdu s’p BÞX$õV²$uT A¡kp¡iuA¡i““p AN°Zu lp¡v¹¡$v$pfp¡ D‘[õ’s füp lsp.


With the share of assistance from Collabera Company, the saints P. Shreejicharanswami and P. Sadhusaurabhswami of Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada and the volunteers from Krishnaji Pradesh had jointly distributed 225 Notebooks and 350 Long books free of cost to the boy and girl students of poor and needy 80 of Adivasi families on Friday, the 10th June 2016 at post Virpur, Tal. Dist. Chhotaudepur.

iy¾$hpf, sp.10-06-2016“p fp¡S> ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u“p k„she® ‘|.îuÆQfZõhpdu, ‘|.kp^ykp¥fcõhpdu s’p L©óZÆ âv$¡i“p L$pe®L$sp®cpBAp¡A¡ L$p¡gpb¡fp L„$‘“u“p klep¡N’u dy.‘p¡.rhf‘yf, sp.rS>. R>p¡V$p Dv$¡‘yf dyL$pd¡ 80 S>¡V$gp Nfub A“¡ S>fyfuepsd„v$ Apqv$hpku Ly$Vy„$b“p rhÛp’}Ap¡ s’p rhÛp’}“uAp¡“¡ 225 “p¡V$byL$ s’p 350 S>¡V$gp Qp¡‘X$p“y„ r“:iyëL$ rhsfZ L$ey¯ lsy„.


Along with the employee from Collabera institution, the saints P. Shreejicharanswami and P. Sadhusaurabhswami of Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada had jointly distributed on Thursday, the 9th June 2016 at Swaminarayan Farm at Naswadi in Kadidoli village to the poor and needy 170 students of Adivasi families, 405 Notebooks and 1040 Long books free of cost.

Nyfyhpf, sp. 09-06-2016“p fp¡S> ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u“p k„she® ‘|.îuÆQfZõhpdu, ‘|.kp^ykp¥fcõhpdu s’p L$p¡gpb¡fp L„$‘“u“p L$d®Qpfu cpBAp¡¡A¡ “khpX$u Mps¡ Aph¡g L$pmuX$p¡mu Npd¡ õhprd“pfpeZ apd® ‘f 170 S>¡V$gp Nfub A“¡ S>fyfuepsd„v$ Apqv$hpku Ly$Vy„$b“p rhÛp’}Ap¡“¡ 405 “p¡V$byL$ s’p 1040 S>¡V$gp Qp¡‘X$p“y„ r“:iyëL$ rhsfZ L$ey¯ lsy„.

On Date: 09 June 2016

Yogi Divine Society had organized a career counselling seminar in the Assembly Hall of Atmiya Sanskar Dham at Bharuch on Thursday, the 9th June 2016 for the students of 10th & 12th standards to enable them to choose their proper line of career in which, around 175 students of std.10th & 12th participated.

Nyfyhpf, sp.09-06-2016“p fp¡S> ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp cfyQ dyL$pd¡, ApÐdue k„õL$pf^pd“p A¡k¡çbgu lp¸gdp„ ^p¡fZ 10 A“¡ 1f“p rhÛp’}Ap¡ dpV¡$ L$pfqL$v$}“u qv$ip “½ $u L$fhpdp„ dv$v$fy‘ ’hp“p l¡sykf, L¡$fuef L$pDÞk¡g]N k¡du“pf“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. S>¡“p¡ Apif¡ 175 S>¡V$gp ^p¡fZ 10-12“p rhÛp’}Ap¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡ lsp¡.


With the assistance from Collabera institution, the volunteers of Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada and the leaders from Dabhoi had jointly distributed 110 Notebooks and 900 Long books free of cost to to the poor and needy 130 students on Tuesday, the 7th June 2016 in Kanam Patel Samaj Wadi, Dabhoi.

d„Nmhpf, sp.07-06-2016“p fp¡S> ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u“p L$pe®L$sp® cpBAp¡ s’p X$cp¡B“p AN°ZuAp¡A¡ c¡Np dmu“¡ X$cp¡B Mps¡ Aph¡g L$p“d ‘V¡$g kdpS>“u hpX$udp„ 130 S>¡V$gp Nfub A“¡ S>fyfuepsd„v$ rhÛp’}Ap¡“¡ L$p¡gpb¡fp k„õ’p“p klep¡N’u 110 “p¡V$byL$ s’p 900 S>¡V$gp Qp¡‘X$p“y„ r“:iyëL$ rhsfZ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„.