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On Date: 24 April 2016
Activity: Sports

The semi-final and final match of Atmiya Tennis-Cricket Tournament, started among 32 teams on Sunday, the 31st January 2016 in Ved, Surat, was played on Sunday, the 24th April 2016 in the presence of many leading persons and the spectators. All the players making good performances and the winning teams were encouraged by awarding them suitably.

ApÐdue V¡$r“k q¾$L¡$V$ Vy$“p®d¡ÞV frhhpf, sp.31-01-2016“p fp¡S> kyfsdp„ h¡X$ Mps¡ ify ’C. S>¡dp„ 32 V$udp¡A¡ cpN gu^p¡ lsp¡. s¡“u k¡du apB“g A“¡ apB“g d¡Q frhhpf, sp.24-04-2016“p fp¡S> A“¡L$ AN°ZuAp¡ A“¡ â¡nL$p¡“u D‘[õ’rsdp„ ep¡S>hpdp„ Aph¡g lsu. apB“g d¡Q“p A„s¡ rhS>¡sp ’“pf V$ud“¡ s’p DÐL©$›$ v$¡Mph L$f“pf M¡gpX$uAp¡“¡ B“pdp¡ Ap‘u“¡ âp¡Ðkprls L$fhpdp„ Apìep lsp„.

On Date: 15 June 2014
Activity: Sports

A programme of “Atmiya Tournamemt” was organized between 15-6-14 & 29-6-14 by Amroli Yuvak Mandal of Surat, Shri Hari Pradesh in which, 11 different teams of Amroli division had participated and the final match was won by the team of Chhaprabhatha Yuvak Mandal while the team of Kasad Yuvak Mandal remained the runner up team.

sp.15-6-2014 ’u sp.29-6-2014 v$fçep“ îulqf âv$¡i, kyfs“p Adfp¡gu eyhL$ d„X$m Üpfp "ApÐdue q¾$L¡$V$ Vy$“p®d¡ÞV'$“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„. S>¡dp„ Adfp¡gu rhcpN“p AgN-AgN eyhL$d„X$m“u ANuepf V$udp¡A¡ cpN gu^p¡ lsp¡. apC“g d¡Qdp„ R>p‘fpcpW$p eyhL$ d„X$m“u V$ud rhS>¡sp b“u A“¡ L$p¡kpX$ eyhL$ d„X$m“u V$ud f“k® A‘ V$ud b“u lsu.

On Date: 18 April 2015
Activity: Sports

Under the guidance of regional saint leader P.Suyogjivansawami a programme of 2 day Cricket Tournament called “Atmiya Cricket Tournament—AIS” was arranged at Subhash Academy Ground, Junagadh (Gunatit Pradesh) on 18th & 19th April 2015 in which, 7 teams of different Yuvak Mandals had participated and the team of Shri Hardikbhai Makwana had remained the winner in the final match.

sp. 18-4-2015 ’u sp. 19-4-2015 “p fp¡S> kycpj A¡L¡$X$du N°pDÞX$, S|>“pNY$ (NyZpsus âv$¡i)Mps¡ âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. kyep¡NÆh“õhpdu“p dpN®v$i®“ l¡W$m "ApÐdue q¾$L¡$V$ Vy$“p®d¡ÞV$$ - ACT' “y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. S>¡dp„ S|>“pNY$“p AgN-AgN eyhL$ d„X$mdp„’u 7 V$udp¡A¡ cpN gu^p¡ lsp¡. apC“g d¡Qdp„ lpqv$®L$cpC dL$hpZp“u V$ud“p¡ rhS>e ’ep¡ lsp¡.

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On Date: 15 April 2016
Activity: Sports

Yogi Divine Society had organized “Atmiya Cricket Tournament” during Friday the 15th & Sunday the 17th April 2016 in the ground opp. Junagadh Greencity under the guidance of regional saint P. Suyogjivanswami in which, 9 teams from different youth mandals had participated and, Vishalbhai Joshi’s team was declared the final winner.

ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp iy¾$hpf, sp. 15-4-2016’u frhhpf sp.17-04-2016 v$fçep“ S|>“pNY$“p N°u“kuV$u kpd¡ Aph¡g N°pDÞX$dp„ âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. kyep¡NÆh“õhpdu“p dpN®v$i®“ l¡W$m "ApÐdue q¾$L¡$V$ Vy$“p®d¡ÞV$$'“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. S>¡dp„ S|>“pNY$“p AgN-AgN eyhL$ d„X$mdp„’u 9 V$udp¡A¡ cpN gu^p¡ lsp¡. apC“g d¡Qdp„ rhipgcpB Å¡ju“u V$ud“p¡ rhS>e ’ep¡ lsp¡.

On Date: 12 February 2017
Activity: Sports

Yogi Divine Society had organized a cricket tournament for youngsters in Firing Ground near cremation ground, Bhatt Wadi, Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai on Sunday, the 12th February 2017 in which, 102 players divided into 10 teams had participated and the players of the winner team were presented with trophy and medals by the institution to encourage them.

frhhpf, sp.12-02-2017“p fp¡S> OpV$L$p¡‘f (h¡õV$) - dy„bB Mps¡ Aph¡g õdip“c|rd, cË$ hpX$u“u “ÆL$ Aph¡g apefu„N N°pDÞX$dp„ ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp qL$ip¡f he“p eyhp“p¡ dpV¡$ A¡L$ q¾$L¡$V$ õ‘^p®“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. Ap õ‘^p®dp„ Ly$g v$k V$ud“p 102 M¡gpX$uAp¡A¡ cpN gu^p¡ lsp¡. rhS>¡sp ’e¡g V$ud“p M¡gpX$uAp¡“¡ k„õ’p sfa’u V²$p¡au A“¡ d¡X$g Ap‘u“¡ âp¡Ðkprls L$ep® lsp„.

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On Date: 22 May 2014
Activity: Sports

With a noble and holy view to develop and strengthen the spirit of equality, of Atmiyata and sportsman spirit in youths and they live harmoniously with love and attachment with each other in the society, the youths of Nani Ved Mandal of Surat region, Shri Hari Pradesh had organized a grand Atmiya—Plastic Night Cricket Tournament to run constantly for 15 days in which, around 240 teams from Surat and its surrounding places had participated.

A most beautiful trophy was awarded to the finally winning team in the presence of saints and the elderly devotees and the youths full of joy and enthusiasm.

eyhp“p¡dp„ ApÐduesp A“¡ M¡gv$ugu“u cph“p ‘°bm b“¡ A“¡ “ps-Ås“u k„Ly$Qussp“¡ R>p¡X$u“¡ eyhpkdpS> A¡L$buÅ kp’¡ lmudmu“¡ Æhsp¡ ’pe A¡hp A¡L$ d„Ngde l¡sy’u îulqf ‘°v$¡i kyfs“p “p“u h¡X$ d„X$m“p eyhL$p¡A¡ 15 qv$hk ky^u kss Qpg“pf ApÐdue - àgpõV$uL$ “pBV$ L°uL¡$V$ Vy$“p®d¡ÞV$“y„ cNuf’ Apep¡S>“ L$ey®„ lsy„. S>¡dp„ kyfs A“¡ Apk‘pk“p ‘°v$¡i“u Apif¡ 240 V$udp¡A¡ cpN gu^p¡ lsp¡. k„sp¡ s’p ‘°v$¡i“p hX$ug lqfcL$sp¡“u lpS>fudp„ A“¡ eyhL$p¡“p ’“N“pV$ hÃQ¡ ep¡Åe¡g Ap Vy$“p®d¡ÞV$dp„ rhS>¡sp ’“pf V$ud“¡ ky„v$f V²p¡au A¡“pes L$fhpdp„ Aphu lsu.

On Date: 26 April 2015
Activity: Sports

A 3 day Cricket Tournament called “Atmiya Premier League—ADK” (Day—Night) was organized on 24th to 26th April 2015 on Atmiya College Ground, Yogidham, Kalavad Rd, Rajkot (Nirgun Pradesh) in which 10 teams participated from different Yuvak Mandals of Rajkot and every the presene of regional saint leader P.Tyagvallabhswami, P.Sarvatitswami and other leaders.

sp.24 A¡râg 2015 ’u sp.26 A¡râg 2015 A¡d Ly$g 3 qv$hk ApÐdue L$p¡g¡S> N°pDÞX$$, ep¡Nu^pd, L$pgphpX$ fp¡X$, fpS>L$p¡V$ (r“Ny®Z âv$¡i) Mps¡ "ApÐdue rârdef guN - APL' A¡V$g¡ L¡$ q¾$L¡$V$ Vy$“p®d¡ÞV$ (X¡$-“pCV$)“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. S>¡dp„ fpS>L$p¡V$“p AgN-AgN eyhL$ d„X$mdp„’u 10 V$udp¡A¡ cpN gu^p¡ lsp¡ A“¡ v$f¡L$ d¡Q 12 Ap¡hf“u fpMhpdp„ Aphu lsu. âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|.ÐepNhëgcõhpdu, ‘|.khp®susõhpdu s’p hX$ugp¡“u lpS>fudp„ ep¡Åe¡g Ap Vy$“p®d¡ÞV$dp„ rhS>¡sp ’“pf V$ud“¡ ky„v$f V²$p¡au A¡“pes L$fhpdp„ Aphu lsu.