Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 01 January 2017
Activity: Clean India

On Sunday, the 1st January 2017, Yogi Divine Society had taken up the work of cleaning up the dunghills in Danti village of Navsari Dist. in which sacrifice of service, around 15 volunteers and youths had joined.

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On Date: 11 December 2016
Activity: Clean India

A campaign for cleaning up the Kalavad Road, said to be the heart of Rajkot, was taken up on Sunday, the 11th December 2016 by Yogi Divine Society under the leadership of its regional saints P. Tyagvallabhswami and P. Sarvatitswami with nearly 175 youths in which, the Mayor of Rajkot City Sri Jaiminbhai Upadhyay, city BJP president Sri Kamleshbhai Mirani and other social-political leaders had also remained present to boost the morale of the youths while, even the Rajkot Mun. Corp. had also cooperated in this sacrifice of the public service.

frhhpf, sp.11-12-2016“p fp¡S> ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp, fpS>L$p¡V$ dyL$pd¡ õhÃR>sp Arcep“ lp’ ^fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|.ÐepNh‰cõhpdu s’p ‘|.khp®susõhpdu“u ApN¡hp“udp„ ep¡Åe¡g Ap õhÃR>sp Arcep“dp„ k„õ’p“p 175 S>¡V$gp eyhp“p¡ Üpfp fpS>L$p¡V$“p lpv$® kdp L$pgphX$ fp¡X$“u kapB L$fhpdp„ Aphu lsu. Ap âk„N¡ fpS>L$p¡V$ il¡f“p d¡efîu X$p¸. S>¥rd“cpB D‘pÝepe, il¡f cp.S>.‘p. âdyMîu L$dg¡icpB rdfpZu s’p AÞe fpS>L$ue kpdpÆL$ AN°ZuAp¡A¡ ‘Z D‘[õ’s flu eyhp“p¡“¡ â¡fZp ‘|fu ‘pX$u lsu. fpS>L$p¡V$ çeyr“rk‘g L$p¡‘p£f¡i“ sfa’u ‘Z Ap k¡hpeodp„ klL$pf âpá ’ep¡ lsp¡.

On Date: 30 September 2016
Activity: Clean India

The volunteers of Yogi Divine Society had cleaned on Friday, the 30th September 2016 the campus of Shree Gordhandas Ranchhoddas Chokhavala Primary School managed and run by Nagar Primary Education Committee, Surat and situated on Unapani Road, Lal Darwaja in which cleanliness campaign, around 35 volunteers and youths of the institution had participated.

ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u“p L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡A¡ iy¾$hpf, 30-09-2016“p fp¡S> “Nf âp’rdL$ rinZ krdrs, kyfs k„Qprgs - îu Np¡f^“v$pk fZR>p¡X$v$pk Qp¡Mphpmp âp’rdL$ ipmp, D“p‘pZu fp¡X$, gpg v$fhpÅ Mps¡ kapB Arcep“ lp’ ^fu“¡ ipmp“p k„Ly$g“u kpakyau L$fu lsu. Ap kapB Arcep“dp„ k„õ’p“p 35 S>¡V$gp L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡ s’p eyhL$p¡ Å¡X$pep lsp„.

On Date: 27 September 2016
Activity: Clean India

While doing a number of social service activities in the society, Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada also participates in many of cleanliness programs conducted at national levels and constantly works for developing national awareness for the same among the general public. In one of such programs, carried out in Jyotiba Fule Marathi School in Surat on 27/9/2016, the Volunteers of this institution had taught the lessons of maintaining cleanliness in the entire society to nearly 200 students/children.

ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u rhrh^ kpdpÆL$ âh©rÑAp¡“u kp’p¡kp’ fpô²$ue L$npA¡ Qpgsp õhÃR>sp Arcep“dp„ ‘Z klcpNu ’pe R>¡ A“¡ õhÃR>sp A„N¡ fpô²$Q¡s“p S>NpX$hp dpV¡$ kss âepkfs fl¡ R>¡. Aphp¡ S> A¡L$ âepk sp.27-09-2016“p fp¡S> kyfs dyL$pd¡ Aph¡g S>ep¡rsbp aºg¡ dfpW$u õL|$g“p rhÛp’}Ap¡“¡ õhÃR>sp A„N¡ ÅN©s L$fhp dpV¡$ k„õ’p“p L$pe®L$fp¡ Üpfp lp’ ^fpep¡ lsp¡ S>¡dp„ Apif¡ 200 S>¡V$gp bpmL$p¡“¡ õhÃR>sp Åmhhp dpV¡$“p ‘pW$ cZphhpdp„ Apìep lsp„.

On Date: 01 January 2016
Activity: Clean India

As a part of their Atmiya Yuva Adhivation (Convention) to be celebrated/held on 3rd Jan 2016 at Surat, around 400 youths from Amroli, Ved, Katargam and Atmiya Yuvak Mandal had collectively, under the leadership and the guidance from P. Sarvmangalswami and P. Suchetanswami, the saints of Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada, organized and carried out a Cleanliness Campaign during the auspicious morning of the new year on Friday, the 1st January 2016 of cleaning the Mandvi bank of Tapi river, the life line of Surat City, in which, the Corporator of Rander Division and the other prominent citizens from the local area had also joined.

Ap‘Zp lpg“p â^p“d„Óu A“¡ NyS>fps“p ‘“p¡sp ‘yÓ A¡hp îu “f¡ÞÖcpB dp¡v$uA¡ ipi““u ^yfp k„cpmu Ðepf’u cpfs“u N„v$L$u A“¡ Nfubu vy$f L$fhp ‘f Âep“ L¡$ÞÖus L$fu“¡ õhÃR> cpfs Arcep““u ifyAps L$fu R>¡. Ap Arcep““p cpN fy‘¡ cpfs“p v$f¡L$ “p“p dp¡V$p il¡fp¡dp„ õhÃR>sp eo ep¡Åsp fl¡ R>¡. s¡“¡ A“ygnu“¡ kyfs“u gp¡L$dpsp A¡hu sp‘u “v$u“p dp„X$hu Ap¡hpfp ‘f ‘|.kh®d„Ngõhpdu, ‘|.kyQ¡s“õhpdu“u ApN¡hp“udp„ Adfp¡gu, h¡X$, L$spfNpd s’p ApÐdue eyhL$ d„X$m“p Apif¡ 400 S>¡V$gp L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡A¡ kpa-kapB L$fu lsu.

Clean Tapi
On Date: 01 January 2016
Activity: Clean India

As a part of their Atmiya Yuva Adhivation (Convention) to be celebrated/held on 3rd Jan 2016 at Surat, around 500 youths and volunteers from Varachha, Udhana, Adajan and Mahidharpura had collectively, under the leadership from P. Guruprasadswami and the saint mandal of Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada, organized and carried out a Cleanliness Campaign during the auspicious morning of the new year on Friday, the 1st January 2016 of cleaning the Navadi bank situated at Nanpura of Tapi river, the life line of Surat City, in which, Shri Purneshbhai Modi (MLA,  and city BJP president), Shri Madansinhbhai Atodariya (City Min., BJP-Surat) and other prominent citizens from the local areas had also joined enthusiastically.  

kyfs dyL$pd¡ 3 ÅÞeyApfu“p fp¡S> ep¡Å“pf Ap„sffpô²$ue eyhp Ar^h¡i““p D‘¾$d¡ ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp ‘|.Nyfyâkpv$õhpdu s’p k„sd„X$m“u ApN¡hp“udp„ hfpR>p, D^“p, AX$pS>Z s’p drl^f‘yfp“p Apif¡ 500 S>¡V$gp L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡ A“¡ eyhL$p¡A¡ c¡Np dmu“¡ “hp hj®“p d„Ng âcps¡ iy¾$hpf, sp.1-1-2016“p fp¡S> kyfs il¡f“u Æhpv$p¡fu kdp“ sp‘u “v$u“p “p“‘yfp Mps¡ Aph¡g “phX$u Ap¡hpfp ‘f õhÃR>sp Arcep“ L$fu kapBL$pe® L$ey¯ lsy„. Ap L$pe®dp„ îu ‘yZ£icpB dp¡v$u (^pfpkæeîu s’p il¡f cp.S>.‘p. âdyM), îu dv$“tklcpB ApV$p¡v$fuep (il¡f d„Óuîu, cp.S>.‘p-kyfs) s’p Ap rhõspf“p AÞe ârsr›$s “pNfuL$p¡ ‘Z lp¢ic¡f Å¡X$pep lsp„.

Cycle Rally For Cleanliness Awaress - 2015 @ Bharuch
On Date: 02 October 2015
Activity: Clean India

In order that the habit/spirit and the love for cleanliness in the general public is aroused/developed, a bike rally on Gandhi Jayanti, the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi, the lover and the follower of real cleanliness, was organized on 2nd Oct 2015 by Yogi Divine Society. In this rally, organized with the cooperation from Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir, more than 100 bike riders had participated and had covered the area from Sai Mandir right up to Shaktinath and had spread the message of Clean Narmada 

ep¡Nu rX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp sp. 02-10-2015 Np„^u S>e„rs“p rv$hk¡ õhÃR>sp A„N¡ S>“ÅN©rs L¡$mhpe s¡ dpV¡$ A¡L$ kpeL$g f¡gu“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. kh®“d“ rhÛp d„rv$f“p klep¡N’u ep¡Åe¡g Ap kpeL$g f¡gudp„ 100’u h^y kpeL$g khpfp¡A¡ cpN gB kp„B d„rv$f ’u i[¼s“p’ ky^u afu õhÃR> “d®v$p-õhÃR> cfyQ“p¡ k„v$¡ip¡ cfyQ“p “NfS>“p¡dp„ a¡gpìep¡ lsp¡.

On Date: 14 August 2015
Activity: Clean India

Following the mission of Clean India, a campaign of cleaning entire Kadodara village was organized on Friday, the 14th Aug 2015 by Yogi Divine Society through its workers in which, even the Sarpanch of Kadodara, Sri Vasantbhai Gordhanbhai Vasava as well as the local residents of Kadodara also had very enthusiastically participated and worked hard.


iy¾$hpf, sp. 14-08-2015 “p fp¡S> L$X$p¡v$fp Npddp„ õhÃR> cpfs rdi““¡ A“ygnu“¡ õhÃR>sp Arcep““y„„ Apep¡S>“ ep¡Nu rX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u“p L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡ Üpfp L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. S>¡dp„ L$X$p¡v$fp N°pd‘„Qpes“p kf‘„Qîu hk„scpB Np¡f^“cpB hkphp s¡dS> õ’pr“L$ N°pdS>“p¡A¡ ‘Z DÐkplc¡f cpN gB L$X$p¡v$fp Npd“¡ õhÃR> L$fhp dpV¡$ S>l¡ds DW$phu lsu.