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Atmiya Baal Shibir - 2015, Daman

On Date: 01 June 2015




When the grasping power of children is at its peak during the student life, if they do not have the discrimination power about good and bad, there is always a chance and possibility of their being misled or misguided from their journey of life. So that, the children concentrate on their studies and they get proper/right guidance/direction for their good culture and for family emotions/responsibilities/relations a shibir of around 600 students of std. 1st to 10th was organized on Monday, the 1st June 2015 in Koli Patel Samaj Wadi, Daman under the guidance of P. Anandswaroopswami and the Sr. volunteers of Yogiji Pradesh.

The shibir was inaugurated by lighting a lamp. This was followed by a speech by Bhoolku Bhavdeep who said that, the steadiness and the concentration of mind is the most important for good studies which requires pure and sacred functioning of eyes, ears and tongue. Then, the lad Kirit talked of value and importance of real friendships with good friends and the saints. The boy named Hardik explained the proverb “ A man is always known by the company he keeps” citing different incidents/examples.

In the end of the meeting, P. Aanandswaroopswami, in his most simple and explanatory language said that, to develop real discipline/culture in the life, good company is inevitable. He also emphasized on the spirit of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta for real discipline, self-control and good culture in the life.

In this meeting, the personalities and the leaders of Daman like Sri Muljibhai Kataria (Presedent-Ind. Ass.), Sri Piyushbhai Desai (Desai Auto- Chevrolet) and others were also present who all were highly impressed by the work and the efforts of Yogi Divine Society to develop, nourish and to cultivate qualities of moral values along with imparting education to students. After taking lunch, all the children had been to Jampore beach for games, horse riding and the bath in the ocean after receiving the food of good/moral culture.

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