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Atmiya Premier League-III-2015, Ahmedabad

On Date: 17 May 2015

As in last 2 years, this year also, the Central City Mandal of Suhrad Pradesh (Ahmedabad) had arranged “Atmiya Premier League 3 – APL lll” i.e. a Cricket Tournament on Sunday, the 17th May 2015 in which, 12 teams out of total 14 Sabha Centres of Ahmedabad’s Central City Yuvak Mandal had participated.

After a National Song and a prayer at 6 AM, the tournaments began. At 9 AM the tea and snacks were served and lunch was arranged at noon.

At the end of the tournaments, the C.T.M. team was declared as a winner of the final match played between them and the Janata Nagar team out of total 12 teams. Shri Ashishbhai Gajjar was awarded a prize of the best baller by the hands of Shri Hashmukhbhai Patel while, the award for the best batsman was awarded to Shri Yoginbhai by the hands of Shri Chandreshbhai Pandya and the trophy for the Man of the Match was given to Shri Amitbhai Mistry by Sri Mukeshbhai Dave. Shri Jashubhai Mehta gave away the trophy for the Man of the series to Shri Jaydeepbhai. The finally winning trophy “Victory Trophy” was awarded by Shri Pragneshbhai Gajjar to the captain of the winning team Shri Sureshbhai Mehta. Similarly, a momento on which, the details of every youth meeting of Central City Mandal was given, was given to every individual player of every team.

Thus, during the entire tournament, every youth exhibited/presented an excellent picture of a unique Atmiyata and had contributed his own share in various services on the ground throughout. Everybody had, without any arguments, accepted with respect each and every decision of the empires to show their cultures and discipline.

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