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Atmiya Cricket Tournament - 2015, Malad - Mumbai

On Date: 26 April 2015
Activity: Sports
Location: Mumbai Locationwise





         Under the auspices of Jay Charities and Yogi Divine Society, the Malad Yuvak Mandal of Ghanshyam Pradesh (Mumbai) had organized on Sunday, the 26th April 2015 “Atmiya Cricket Tournament” ACT in Atmiyadham at Bangur Nagar in Goregaon, Mumbai in which, 6 teams of Malad Yuvak Mandal had participated. With singing of National Song and a prayer, the tournaments began at 7.30 am in the morning. The lunch was served at 1.00 pm. 9 matches were played between 6 teams in the qualifying round. Then, the semifinals were played between the 3 teams and the final match was played between ”Atmiya Challengers and Atmiya Super Kings” teams in which, Atmiya Super Kings’ team remained the final winner. The trophies were distributed at the hands of Malad’s Youth Leader Sri Jitubhai Mehta in which, Sri Nishith Thakkar got the best baller’s, Sri Dhaval Kavya got best batsman’s and the Bhoolku team got the best atmiya team’s award. During the entire game, everybody had performed his duty voluntarily and sincerely. Nobody doubted or objected to any of empire’s decisions and accepted them readily and thus, presented excellent discipline and politeness.

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