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World Malaria Day - 2015, Adajan, Surat

On Date: 24 April 2015
Activity: Medical Care
Location: Surat Locationwise

          The 25th April has been observed as Malaria Day in the entire world since 2013. In order to bring awareness and to educate the illiterates and the backward class of people in the society about malaria and to teach them as to how it can be prevented and controlled, an open seminar on the subject was arranged by Adajan Yuvak Mandal of Surat, Shri Hari Pradesh on Friday, the 24th April 2015 between 8.30 pm & 10 pm at Saint Mark School.
      In this seminar Shri Rakeshbhai Patel, through a Power Point Presentation, explained as to how, where and why this disease develops and spreads itself. He also deeply described and explained as to how do the viruses/bacteria of this disease enter into human body, what are the symptoms of this disease, what precautions should be taken to prevent this disease, how it should be treated, how to prevent its spread to protect this society from its attack and save life. He also emphasized on widespread awareness of all these points on the mass level among general public and showed how we can & should keep our surroundings neat and clean to control and prevent the spread of this bacteria/viruses.
          After the seminar all the 280 persons who attended the seminar, before leaving the premises, vowed to, now onwards, keep their houses and surroundings clean and to eradicate disease like Malaria from the society.

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