Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Neem Tree Plantation Camp, Kareli (Jambusar)

On Date: 27 July 2014

The slow but steady and constant increase in the temperature on the earth is called “Global Warming” due to which, drastic changes in the climate, atmosphere and temperature are recorded and this has become a grave concern and a matter of great worry for the entire world which has forced many institutions and governments all over the world to try to find out the methods, ways & means and remedies to control, curb and stop this.

Under the inspiration and blessings of P.P.Hariprasadswamiji, the Head of Yogi Divine Society, the saints, the devotees and the workers of Yogi Divine Society regularly carry out the work of planting trees to make their contribution towards remedies of this social task.

And because, scientifically also, the Neem tree gives out more oxygen than all other trees, they plant as many more Neem trees as possible and look after them till they all grow in to full big trees.

The regional saint leader P.Shreejivallabhswami and P.Balmukundswami, with the help of their workers and that of sarpanches of different villages have planned to plant more than 100 Neem trees in the surrounding villages. And, as a part of this program, they planted on Sunday, the 27th, July 2014, 11 Neem trees at Post Kareli, Taluka Jambusar, Dist. Bharuch of Akshar Pradesh under the guidance of Saint Leader P.Shreejivallabhswami and P.Balmukundswami and with the help of village Sarpanch Shri Rajeshbhai Padhiyar, village youths and the workers of Yogi Divine Society and till these plants grow and become full trees, the responsibility to look after them and take care of them was entrusted to local workers.

Being very much impressed by P.P.Swamiji’s this very noble spirit, the Sarpanch himself took the responsibility of 5 of these plants to look after them till they become full trees.

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