Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Tree Plantation by Children - 2015, Mumbai

On Date: 20 November 2015
Activity: Enviromental Care
Location: Mumbai Locationwise

In a program conducted at Atmiyadham, Mumbai on Friday, the 20th November 2015 jointly by Yogi Divine Society and Jay Charities the young children were encouraged to plant trees and take their due care by explaining to them the importance of protecting the environment while, the lady volunteers of the institution had explained the importance of trees in the environment to the children and had given earthen pots with plantlets to them for planting flowers-trees around their homes.

Without thinking of other living beings, man has blindly run after the progress due to his selfish tendency and has industrialized and urbanized his surroundings. As a result of unlimited use of natural resources by him, a number of living species have either got finished or are on the verge of finishing.

There is an urgent need to immediately stop this vicious circle by taking care of natural resources which was explained to the children while advising them to keep their homes and their surroundings clean, not to misuse energy and water etc. and they were encouraged to grow trees by giving earthen pots with plantlets to each child.

By preparing, guiding and leading these children, the leaders of future generation of the nation, for protecting the environment, Yogi Divine Society and Jay Charities had jointly made a small effort to correct the mistakes made by mankind.

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