Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Tree Planting Campaign - 2016, Asoj

On Date: 20 June 2016

Yogi Divine Society had made an appreciable effort for the preservation of environment by planting 25 trees in the primary school of Asoj village on Monday, the 20th June 2016 through its volunteers in the presence of P. Aacharyaswami and P. Satyaprakashswami.

There are a number of benefits of planting trees of which, the main are, they use carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide as their food and return, lot of pure oxygen in the atmosphere and, they also provide comfortable place of residence for the birds and animals in their thick branches but today, when the trees are being cut without discrimination in the name of urbanization and industrialization, this work of planting trees by Yogi Divine Society was really a praiseworthy effort in this direction.

In this work of social service by the institution, organized in the presence of P. Aacharyaswami and P. Satyaprakashswami, 10 volunteers from the village also had joined and, on this occasion, Sri Sameerbhai Thakkar, the president of Manjusar GIDC Association and closely associated with the institution also had remained present with his friend circle.

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