Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Tree Planting Campaign - 2016, Ved, Surat

On Date: 13 August 2016
Activity: Enviromental Care
Location: Surat Locationwise




While regularly carrying out various activities of social services, Yogi Divine Society also does a number of activities for preserving the environment for the betterment of entire humanity as a part of which, a small effort was made by the saints and the Volunteers of Yogi Divine Society and the leading residents of Surat City with the cooperation from Fevicol Co. by planting 60 trees in the Sardar Patel Play Ground on Saturday, the 13th Aug 2016 before celebrating the independence day at Moti Ved, Surat.

In order to secure a double purpose of arranging for a cool and peaceful shady place for the people to sit and preserving the environment in the compound of Sardar Patel Play Ground at Moti Ved, the work of planting trees was taken up in the presence of Yogi Divine Society’s regional saints P. Subodhswami and P. Sahajswami where, the institution’s youth Volunteers and the other youths were present in large number.

The institution’s Volunteers had decided to plant and preserve 60 trees of different kinds planted there by it and to protect these tender plantlets, the netted tree guards were also put there in which work, the Fevicol Co. had also cooperated.

Remaining present in this program, the renowned and leading persons of Surat city like Sri Rameshbhai Ukani (Corporator, ward No. 7), Sri Satishbhai Patel (Ex Corporator), Sri Shantubhai Patel (President, Koli Patel Samaj, Dabholi), Sri Dipakbhai Patel (President, Koli Patel Samaj, Moti Ved), Sri Dipakbhai Patel (Sec. Koli Patel Samaj, Moti Ved), Sri Kaldasbhai Kanthariya (Pres. Mayavanshi Samaj, Moti Ved), Adv. Sri Chandrakantbhai Kanthariya, Dr. Sukrutsinh Parmar (Med. Officer, Surat Gen, Hosp.), Sri Nitin Patel (Sec. Moti Ved), Sri Rajeshbhai Patel, Sri Dhansukhbhai Kanthariya and Sri Manishbhai Parmar, all the social Volunteers and the officers and Volunteers of Fevicol Co. planted trees to express their duty towards society.

Thus, the saints and the Volunteers of Yogi Divine Society had made an effort to preserve the environment while also increasing the beauty of Surat city and repay the debt of our motherland and reducing the global warming by taking a leading step to gift our future generation a clean atmosphere by resolving to take care of these plants till they grow sufficiently big.

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