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Organic Farming & Beekeeping Training - 2016, Kalidoli

On Date: 02 December 2016




Yogi Divine Society and Mahashakti Khadi Gramodhyog Trust had jointly organized a seminar on Organic Farming and Bee Breeding on Friday, the 2nd Dec 2016 in Shree Aksharpurushottam Swaminarayan Farm at Kalidoli, Tal. Nasvadi, Dist. Chhotaudepur for the farmers and the people engaged in horticulture work in which, more than 150 farmers from Chhptaudepur Dist. had participated and had received a very valuable guidance for harmless farming systems. On this occasion, P. Sadhusaurabhswami and P. Satyasaurabhswami from Yogi Divine Society had remained present.

While speaking on this occasion Sri Harishbhai Patel (M.B.A.) from Mahashakti Khadi Gramodhyog Trust said that, nowadays, when we have started noticing the harmful and negative results of farming based on chemical medicines and the resistance powers of people against the diseases has been constantly reducing day by day, it has become very much important and inevitable for all of us to turn towards organic farming based on 100 % natural item/fertilizers. According to ancient Indian traditional farming, absolutely no chemicals are ever used but, the waste/useless leaves, grass, tree branches etc. easily and naturally/freely available in the farm/fields are used to prepare very fertile fertilizer. For this, the natural things like cow’s urine, limbodi etc. are used for preparing a natural fertilizer named “Jeevamrut”.

Moreover, he said, daily in morning and evening, an Agnihotra (sacrifice) is done in the fields in which, pure ghee and sameedh are put which totally purify the entire surrounding atmosphere preventing effects of spread of any epidemic disease on the crop.

Sri Anilbhai, a mechanical engineer who has now resolved to spread the message of organic farming to all the farmers, had given understanding about the other factors of organic farming and said that, though, the organic farming may look to be less beneficial in the beginning but, if we stick to it, after 3 years it shows an increase of 30 % to 40 % in the crop and simultaneously, he also talked of bee breeding and explained that, it costs Rs. 5500/- per box which gives 30 kg of honey every year which costs Rs. 9,000/-. Thus, he said, the crops of trees like pomegranate, papaya-carica, custard-apple, saragavo etc. also increase due to bee breeding.

While addressing the farmers at the end of the seminar, P. Sadhusaurabhswami advised that, we should now, turning back to nature, do organic farming instead of costly one based on chemical fertilizers. He also explained that, we can fight against the daily increasing deadly questions/problems like global warming and climate change with this only.

As a result of this seminar, the questions/confusions of nearly 150 farmers from Chhotaudepur Dist. about the organic farming were solved as well as they had got proper guidance about a new method of advantageous/beneficial farming.

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