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Participation in National Seminar on Agriculture Education - 2017, New Delhi

On Date: 20 January 2017

A seminar on Organic Farming was organized on 19th & 20th January 2017 in Indian Agriculture Research Institute’s Dr. B.P. Pal Auditorium in New Delhi under the Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Higher Agriculture Scheme run by the Govt. of India in which, along with Agri. experts and the representatives of social service institutions from all over India, P. Sevakswaroopswami and P. Adarshjivanswami also had participated and had discussed on organic farming system with participant delegates there.

In this seminar organized by Central Agri. Dept. & Indian Agri. Research Institute under the president-ship of Central Agri. Minister Sri Purushottambhai Rupala, the renowned agri. scientists and researchers associated with agri. works had gathered where, even the chief of Canary Math, Kolhapur-Maharashtra, Pujya Kal Sidhdheshwar Swamiji also specially remained present.

In this seminar, while reporting about the changes taking place in present agri. system, Sri Purushottam Rupalaji, P. Kal Sidhdheshwar Swamiji and the experts in agri., had also described the benefits of organic farming which is also called living farming because, in it, cow’s dung and urine, tree leaves, wet refuse are mixed and are converted into fertilizer with the help of earthworms. Only by using this composed fertilizer without any harmful chemical fertilizers, we can get pure food-grains, fruits and vegetables. This system demands little more patience and care while it give less crop also due to which, a few farmers don’t choose it but, in the long run, compared to the one with use of poisonous chemicals very harmful to human health and which also reduces the fertility of the soil, it proves very useful/beneficial. All the delegates/representatives from the Agri. field attending this meeting were asked to make more and more spread/advertisement of this system in their areas.

In this seminar, P. Sevakswaroopswami from Yogi Divine Society had discussed the conception by institution’s president P.P. Hariprasadswamiji about organic farming and upliftment of farmers while also informing about His efforts for increasing rearing of cows and organic farming and said that, the saints and volunteer from Yogi Divine Society regularly guide/teach/prompt the farmers to use this composed fertilizer in organic farming for getting pure/better/more crops of vegetables like flower, cabbages, potato, carrot, brinjal, gourd etc. of higher quality and works so that, the farmers from Gujarat Maharashtra, U.P., M.P. etc. states associated with the institution can get more crops by training them in these successful farming and their experimental results.

By meeting these saints from the institution and discussing with them about institution’s activities of cow rearing and farming, the dignitaries there were also were highly impressed by the works done by Yogi Divine Society and its president P.P. Hariprasadswamiji and expressed their sentiment of surprises.

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