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Zero Budget Spiritual Farming Shibir - 2017, Haridham

On Date: 01 June 2017

Nearly 1000 farmers had receive detailed information/explanation on costless farming system with a cow during a seminar organized by Yogi Divine Society at Haridham, Sokhada between 27th may to 1st June 2017 where, Padmashree Award winner Sri Subhash Palekarjee had provided full guidance on the subject.

Presently, to obtain quick/excess crop, the farmers have been utilizing chemical fertilizers which, in the long run, cause damage to the soil as well as the crops too and, such crops make very harmful effects on the health of people. Nowadays, due to constantly increasing prices of fertilizers and chemicals in India and reduction in the production of crops, the profit margin of farmers constantly gets reduced resulting in farmers being trapped in debts and some of them being forced to commit suicide too.

Considering all these facts, Sri Palekarjee studied science based Western farming with chemicals, organic farming and Indian ancient literature like Ved, Darshanshashtra, Vriksharved etc. and, after comparing them all, came to a conclusion that, the cow based farming shown by Indian Vedic literature is the best in which, only with one native cow’s dung and urine, farming in 30 acres can be done without any extra cost except that of seeds and the crop so received is of better quality and taste being harmless to health.

In this shibir organized by Yogi Divine Society, Sri Palekarjee had provided detailed information/guidance about cow base costless farming to around 1,000 farmers from Gujarat and around 8 other states and the doctors, engineers, farmacists, studied M.B.A. and more and, the experts interested in farming while around 100 ladies, associated with farming in this age of women empowerment, also remained present to avail the guidance. It is pertinent to mention here that, as a result of Sri Parlekarjee’s efforts for years, nearly 5 lakh farmers have adopted this system of farming in India and have been able to save in their costs while also providing us the hygienic grains, fruits and vegetables.

In this shibir, the president of Gujarat state’s Gouseva Commission Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiriya had presided. He also had guided the participants about the usefulness of cows in farming asking all to adopt cow based farming and to spread/canvass this system to more and more people.

Remaining present in this shibir from start to end, the saints like P. Shashtriswami, P. Tyagvallabhswami, P. Shreejicharanswami and P. Shashvatswami from Yogi Divine Society had also encouraged the farmers from Gujarat to adopt this costless farming to be able to provide pure, nutritious and hygienic grains, fruits and vegetables at low cost to the people of Gujarat. During all these days of shibir, Yogi Divine Society had provided all the lodging and boarding facilities with other daily requirements/services to all the participants and the visiting guests.

At the end of the shibir, all the participants had, while thanking the saints from Yogi Divine Society and Sri Palekarjee for informing them about this new farming system also assured to adopt it and spread it to other farmers too.

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