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Independence Day Celebration-2014, Mumbai

On Date: 15 August 2014
Activity: Nation Care
Location: Mumbai Locationwise

The Jay Charities & Yogi Divine Society has always remained enthusiastic to divert and to see the youths being encouraged for their devotional services in nation building. 15th Aug is a day to remember the real sons of our nation who have bravely sacrificed their life for the independence of our country. So that the spirit of national love and devotion for her is created, cultivated, nurtured and developed in the youths, Jay Charities (Mumbai) & Yogi Divine Society (Haridham-Sokhada) had arranged a program, on 15th Aug 2014, of flag hoisting at Atmiyadham, Goregaon, Mumbai on this day for celebrating 68th anniversary of our country’s independence.

Around 200 citizens from Goregaon region attended the function of flag hoisting at 8.30 am and saluted the national flag in the presence of regional saint leader P. Hariprakshswami and elders of Goregaon division and expressed their devotion towards the nation. Atmiya kinsmen Sri Subhashbhai Desai ( Shiv Sena leader & MLA ) and Sri Rajubhai Padhye (Corporator) were also present. The flag was hoisted at the hands of Sri Shubhashbhai Desai and everybody saluted it with singing national song. In everybody’s movement, the spirit and pride of national love and devotion was clearly evident.

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