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Republic Day Celebration - 2017, Goregaon, Mumbai

On Date: 26 January 2017
Activity: Nation Care
Location: Mumbai Locationwise



Yogi Divine Society had celebrated the 68th Republic Day of India at Atmiyadham, Goregaon (West), Mumbai on Thursday, the 26th January 2017 in the presence of regional saints P. Haripriyaswami and P. Sanatanswami as well as Sri Subhashbhai Desai (Ind. Min.), Sri Rajubhai Padhye (Corp.) and the institution’s elderly volunteers along with nearly 300 other gents by saluting the National Flag there.

Sri Subhashbhai Desai (Ind. Min. Mah. Govt.) had released the National Flag which was saluted with singing the National Song by all present there.

While addressing all on this occasion, Sri Subhashbhai Desai said that, though we have got our independence 67 years back from slavery of British Govt., we have yet to depend upon other nations for many of the products and hence, our P.M. Sri Narendrabhai Modi has given us a slogan, “Make in India” and a new program for producing the items of best qualities here only and thus, he called upon all to use the Indian made items only.

Speaking next on this occasion, P. Haripriyashswami said that, even after the 7 decades of our independence, we haven’t yet come out of slavery of our mental attitudes which divides and reduces our energies/strength on account of boundaries of our religions and castes and now, we all have got to fight this menace collectively. By describing a few examples of the Atmiya Society established by Yogi Divine Society’s president P.P. Hariprasadswmiji he said that, P.P. Swamiji Has totally devoted/sacrificed His entire life to the society for establishing/developing/creating this Atmiya society.

The institution’s elderly/leading volunteers like Sri Shashikantbhai Vora, Sri Manibhai Hariya, Sri Khushalbhai Kava, Sri Balvantbhai Soni, Sri Vinubhai Patel, Sri Krishnabhai Majithiya, Sri Paragbhai, Sri Nishkambhai and Sri Niranjanbhai were also present along with the above dignitaries as well as more than around 300 other youths also attended the function.

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