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Digital Haridham

On Date: 14 February 2017

To boost and make the campaign of Digital India faster in Haridham, Sokhada, the opening ceremony of Cash-less Receipt Portal was organized jointly at the hands of elderly saint leaders P. Kothariswamiji, P. Premswami, P. Santvallabhswami, P. Tyagvallabhswami, P. Dasswami and secretary Sri Dave Saheb on Tuesday, the 14th February 2017.

When the PM of India Sri Narendrabhai Modi is guiding the nation towards paperless economy through electronic transactions by inaugurating Digital India Campaign, the different units/offices of Haridham, Sokhada complex also support the campaign by all its efforts through various systems.

Having got 5 new systems of Digital Transactions inaugurated on 23/12/2016 at the hands of Guj. State’s Health Min. Sri Shankarbhai Choudhary, to inform about NACH system to more than about 12,000 people, an animation video film was launched on 28/1/2017 jointly at the hands of Yogi Divine Society’s president P.P. Hariprasadswamiji and Cent. Ag. Min. Sri Purushottambhai Rupalaji when, more than 12,000 forms for NACH system were also distributed among the public free of cost.

Moving ahead with the same system, so that the donors can get their receipts in digital formats through their mobiles or E-mails, institution’s portal was inaugurated by showing portal’s fliers at the hands of institution’s elderly saint leaders P. Kothariswamiji, P. Premswami, P. Santvallabhswami, P. Tyagvallabhswami, P. Dasswami and secretary Sri Dave Saheb.

By issuing receipts for their donations to the donors for their digital & financial transactions in digital format, Yogi Divine Society is moving ahead towards green economy through paperless transactions helping in saving of papers as well as the trees and environment, which will also give relief from global warming to some extent too.

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