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International Yoga Day - 2015, Hathaj, Nadiad

On Date: 21 June 2015
Activity: Yoga

United Nations Organization (UNO) has declared 21st June as International Yoga Day. The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi is doing gigantic efforts to bring awareness about this in the general public. The workers of Yogi Divine Society had celebrated International Yoga Day between 7.00 am & 8 am in the High School ground on Sunday, the 21st June 2015.

In the beginning of this program Sri Vijaybhai Sir (principal – primary school, Hathaj), while providing primary knowledge about yoga, declared that, the yoga is away, above and free from all the religions, beliefs and blind faiths, it is a science-a practical science, a full-complete medical treatment. The volunteer of Yogi Divine Society Sri Hirenbhai Patel explained that the regular practice of yoga and pranayama is an art of keeping/maintaining our minds and bodies fit, fresh and healthy which, we can easily follow in our life.

Sri Vijaybhai Sir and Sri Hirenbhai Patel practically demonstrated yoga, pranayama and suryanamaskar. In this program the Sirpanch of Hathaj village Sri Bharatsinh Chhasatiya was also present in addition to around 125 other gents from Hathaj and surrounding villages like Navagam, Valla, Hathaj’s Juni Muvadi, Palaiya and Javol who all got basic/primary training in yoga and pranayama and resolved to adopt and practise them in their daily routine life.

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