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International Yoga Day - 2016, Jambusar

On Date: 21 June 2016
Activity: Yoga

On “International Yoga Day” Tuesday, the 21st June 2016, Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada had organized in the Kachhiya Patel Tran Panchni Wadi at Jambusar under the guidance of the regional saint leader P. Shreejivallabhswami a Yoga Shibir in which, 45 gents had remained present and received the primary/basic information about yogasans and pranayamas from the yoga teacher Sri Yogeshbhai Patel.

As a result of successful efforts by India’s P.M. Sri Narendrabhai Modi, United Nations Organization (UNO) has declared 21st June as “International Yoga Day” since the last year. To celebrate this occasion, Yogi Divine Society had organized this shibir.

In the beginning of the shibir, while explaining as to what is meant by yoga, its various factors and, what are its effects on our mind and body, Yogi Divine Society’s Volunteer Sri Ankurbhai described the benefits of it if, adopted it as a part of our daily routine.

Then, while practically demonstrating a few yogasans, the yoga teacher Sri Yogeshbhai Patel had informed the participants about their effects on the body and performing the pranayams like bhramari, kapalbhati, anulom-vilom, he described their benefits also to the participants and advised all to master the asans-pranayams by regular practice.

At the end of the shibir, Yogi Divine Society’s elderly Volunteer Sri Kishorbhai talked about meditation and mantrajap and explained as to how they can be used to consolidate our chitt as well as how to control our mental instability like excitement, fear, anxiety etc.

Thus, all the participants had got acquainted with the invaluable heritage of Indian culture from this shibir and had resolved to practice the yogasans and pranayams on daily basis.

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