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Clean India Awareness Drive to children - 2016, Surat

On Date: 27 September 2016
Activity: Clean India
Location: Surat Locationwise

While doing a number of social service activities in the society, Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada also participates in many of cleanliness programs conducted at national levels and constantly works for developing national awareness for the same among the general public. In one of such programs, carried out in Jyotiba Fule Marathi School in Surat on 27/9/2016, the volunteers of this institution had taught the lessons of maintaining cleanliness in the entire society to nearly 200 students/children.

The movement of cleanliness started by the P.M. of India, Sri Narendrabhai Modi has reached up to the national level and it has started showing the positive results also which has also started giving slow but constant boost to the awareness about cleanliness among the Indian citizens.

But, if we start teaching lessons of cleanliness to the small children, who are going to build tomorrow’s India, right from the beginning? With a foresighted aim of creating a clean India in mind, Yogi Divine Society had organized a program of “Cleanliness Awareness” in Jotiba Fule Marathi School in Surat between 8.30 & 9.30 in the morning and its volunteers had discussed with students during the assembly.

The institution’s active volunteer Sri Gopalbhai Rathod had given the basic understanding about cleanliness and had inspired/encouraged nearly 200 students to keep their house, entrance and the surrounding areas clean. Informing that, the diseases like malaria, dengue, cholera, typhoid etc. spread due to the dirtiness and unclean atmosphere in the surrounding and, he also said that, even the molestation of insects like flies, mosquitos, cockroaches etc. increases and also explained as to how to keep the surrounding clean. He also advised to take the homemade pure and nourishing refreshments instead of stale and un-hygienic ones sold in the market and said that, by adopting all these steps, we can avoid ailments and live healthy life to be able to fully participate in the various games.

The principal of the school Sri Shrinivas Sulabh, the teachers and the employees also cooperated enthusiastically to give their support to this cleanliness campaign. To make this entire program a success, Sri Gopalbhai, Sri Sanjaybhai, Sri Sujalbhai, Sri Hemrajbhai and Sri Jivanbhai had personally visited the school on behalf of Yogi Divine Society.

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