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Clean India Campaign - 2016, Rajkot

On Date: 11 December 2016




A campaign for cleaning up the Kalavad Road, said to be the heart of Rajkot, was taken up on Sunday, the 11th December 2016 by Yogi Divine Society under the leadership of its regional saints P. Tyagvallabhswami and P. Sarvatitswami with nearly 175 youths in which, the Mayor of Rajkot City Sri Jaiminbhai Upadhyay, city BJP president Sri Kamleshbhai Mirani and other social-political leaders had also remained present to boost the morale of the youths while, even the Rajkot Mun. Corp. had also cooperated in this sacrifice of the public service.

When the movement of “Clean India Campaign” started by the P.M. of India Sri Narendrabhai Modi has started spreading all over India, the saints, Volunteers and the youths of Yogi Divine Society also regularly keep cooperating in this mission of social service by bringing awareness among general public about the cleanliness of which, one such effort was done by Yogi Divine Society in Rajkot also.

Many educational and business complexes are situated on Rajkot’s heart like Kalavad Road on which, there is always a heavy traffic of pedestrians as well as the vehicles and specially with reason only, this road was selected for this campaign to reach the message of cleanliness to more and more people.

The cleaning work was started by saint leader P. Sarvatitswami and P. Vandanpriyaswami accompanied by Yogi Divine Society’s elderly Volunteers like Sri Jerambhai Rabara, Sri Kishorbhai Mavadiya, Sri Dushyantbhai Pandya, Sri Rasikbhai Solanki, Sri Ashwinbhai Dabariya, Sri Sanjaybhai Tank and the Volunteers and youths from Atmiya Youth Mandal collectively.

On this occasion, the saints and the dignitaries were welcomed by presenting to them the bouquets by the youth Volunteers. Around 175 youths had joined in this social service activity who had cleaned the road from K.K.V. Hall up to Nana Mava, Jaduz Restaurant on its both the sides as a part of this campaign.

At this stage, to inspire and to add to the zeal and enthusiasm of the youths, the dignitaries like the Mayor of Rajkot City Sri Jaiminbhai Upadhyay, city BJP president Sri Kamleshbhai Mirani, Sri Devangbhai Mankad (Gen. Sec., city BJP), Sri Ashwinbhai Bhoraniya (Corp.), Dr. K.D. Hapaliya Sir (Dir. Parks & Gardens, Rajkot Mun.) had remained present and, the elderly saint leaders P. Tyagvallabhswami and P. Divyamangalswami also were there to honour the youths.

A cooperation from the commissioner of Rajkot Municipality Sri Banchhanidhi Pani Sir, environment engineer Sri N.R. Parmar Sir, Dy. environment engineer Sri D.U. Tuvar Sir and the staff from the solid waste management dept. also duly extended. The arrangement of 2 Tipper Vans, a tractor, brooms and other materials required for the cleanliness project was also provided by the Rajkot Corp. for the removal of the collected rubbish. Yogi Divine Society is thankful to Govt. Admin. for the cooperation extended by it in this campaign of social service.

Through this cleanliness campaign, a message that, this city belongs to us and to keep it clean is our collective responsibility was given by the Volunteers of Yogi Divine Society to all the citizens connected with all the educational and business units situated on Kalavad Road and the passers-by on this road.

ગુજરાત આપણી માતૃભૂમિ છે. ચાલો, માતૃભૂમિને સ્વચ્છ બનાવીએ.   ક્લિક કરો

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