Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Ambrish Shibir, Haridham

On Date: 23 February 2014

A 2 sessions’shibir of Ambrish Families was arranged on 23-02-2014 in the premises of Haridham in the presence of P.P. Swamiji.

In the beginning, after the kirtan bhakti, P. Tyagvallabh Swami, P. Bhaktipriya Swami, P. Ashokbhai, AmbrishMuktaraj P.B. Gordhanbhai from Surat, Young Worker from NadiyadShriJaybhaiBrahmabhattaddressed the assembly and narrated with citing examples of how P.P. Swamiji has created an extraordinarily wonderful society of Ambrish Families as was dreamt of and desired by his Guru – Spiritual leader P.P. Yogijimaharaj.

P. Bhaktipriya Swami citing a unique and an inspirational example of one Sadhak Youth of Nairobi said that, he was fighting with and was engrossed in his internal war with mind and intellect for 8 years and because of this, he did not come before P.P. Swamiji even for His darshan also for such a long time. But once, being inspired by P.B. Nishchintbhai he once came for darshan of P.P. Swamiji after 8 long years. Immediately on seeing him, P.P. Swamiji welcomed him by calling him “LION”. He was amazingly pacified totally at his heart and mind simply at P.P. Swamiji’sDarshan and His inspirational touch of blessings, he at once decided to be fully active in services of ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV.

Then, P.P. Swamiji asked P.B. Nishchintbhai to accompany him up to bathroom for urination and after coming out from the bathroom after taking bath also there, told Nishchintbhaithat because the Dhotiyu / Pancha had become wet due to urination done in it while meeting and talking to that boy, I had to take bath also. Let it happen, but it was worth because that boy was satisfied  and relieved from all his personal problems. Thus P.P. Swamiji showed His satisfaction and happiness for doing service to this youth which would directly please His Guru P.P. YogijiMharaj.

Blessing the entire Ambarish Society present there, P.P. Swamiji gave valuable guidance for becoming instruments in ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV OF 2015 and declared that he wants to prepare an Army of youths between 16 – 36 years of age, by all means we want to present 51000 youths at the lotus feet of P.P. Yogijimaharaj, want to make youths understand the spirit of SAMP – SUHRADBHAV and make the goal of their life very clear, we want to prepare such youths whose senses are quite positive and who think and act totally and only positively and who do not watch movies, who are strict in their own self discipline as, there is absolutely nothing left in present movies axcept sexual enjoyment and because a person watching such movie can never be happy in his life. We have to prepare all for all these points. Let us all resolve from today that, we all will call everybody by a respectful term “TAME” instead of by “TU”. We should talk to everybody in respectful manner.

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