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Blood Donation Camp - 2017, Nirnaynagar, Ahmedabad

On Date: 26 January 2017



During surgery, accidents, pregnancy and for the patients suffering from thalassemia the blood is generally required urgently. Even the latest technology and the inventions of science have not been able to produce artificial blood in the laboratory as yet. Under the circumstances, only the blood collected from the body of a living healthy person and saved and properly preserved comes to our help to save the life of a patient. With this point in mind, a Blood Donation Camp was organized by Yogi Divine Society on 26th January 2017, the 68th Republic Day of India.

During this camp, which ran between 9.00 am & 1.00 pm in the afternoon, the saints, volunteers and the youths from the institution had donated their blood joyfully. In this camp organized with the cooperation from Gujarat Blood Bank’s Chairman Dr. Sri Nirajbhai Kothari and his medical and paramedical staff who had rendered their appreciable services, 200 units of blood was collected.

In this Blood Donation Camp, Yogi Divine Society, its regional saint P. Brahmavihariswami, its Medical Department’s in-charge P. Santoshswami, Sri Babubhai Patel (Regional President) and institution’s volunteers along with Dr. Paresh Dave (Adl. Dir., Health Dept., Guj. Govt.), Sri Dabhi Sir (Asst. Com. of Police), Dr. Nirajbhai Kothari (Chairman, Guj. Blood Bk. Association) etc. were also present.

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