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Blood Donation Camp - 2017, Bardoli

On Date: 26 January 2017



On account of the Republic Day of India, MLA of Bardoli, Sri Ishwarbhai Parmar (Anil Parmar) and Yogi Divine Society had jointly organized a Blood Donation Camp on Thursday, the 26th January 2017 in Bardoli College, Swaraj Ashram Ground, Bardoli for the benefit of our country’s brave warriors who are protecting the frontiers of our nation at the risk/cost of their life. In this camp, the institution’s volunteers, youths and the residents of Bardoli had jointly collected 150 units of blood.

India has the geographic variety of lands like Siyachin with -45 degree temperature in interior Himalayas and with 45 degree temperature burning the skin in deserts of Kutch. To protect the sovereignty of our motherland, the jawans of our army are day & night on guard there. In order to be helpful to them in the cases of emergency when they require blood, MLA of Bardoli, Sri Ishwarbhai Parmar (Anil Parmar) and Yogi Divine Society had jointly organized this Blood Donation Camp.

The volunteers and the youths from Yogi Divine Society had not only rendered their services throughout, right from beginning till end but, they had themselves donated their own blood also very willingly and joyfully to exhibit their sacrifice in this work of noble social service and thus, 68 units of blood was collected. Along with the leaders of Bardoli, even the residents of it also had highly appreciated this work of great social service by these people from Yogi Divine Society.

In this camp, along with its organizers, Bardoli’s MLA Sri Anilbhai Parmar, the president of Yogi Divine Society’s Dharmabhakti Pradesh Sri Arjunbhai, Sri Natuda, Sri Rameshbhai, Sri Manishbhai and the youths associated with the institution as well as Dy. Collector Sri Yogirajsinh Gohil Sir, Sri Ajitsinh Surman (Dist. President,BJP), Sri Bhupatsinh Chavda (Dy. President, Bardoli Mun.) etc. were also present.

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