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Tree Planting Campaign - 2016, Nagpur

On Date: 16 July 2016

The 15 volunteers of Yogi Divine Society had planted 25 saplings with tree-guards in Nagpur village of Maharashtra on Saturday, the 16th July 2016 to contribute their share in preservation of climate.

Trees are a most important element against global warming as, if the trees are reduced on earth, along with increase in pollution, the temperature in the atmosphere increases resulting in global warming endangering the life of living beings. Today, when the trees are being cut indiscreetly in the name of urbanization and industrialization, Yogi Divine Society had thus, made a praiseworthy effort.

To maintain greenery in this area, 15 volunteers of Yogi Divine Society had planted 25 plantlets in the common plot of the society putting tree-guards around them for their proper growth and to protect them against animals in the beginning stage while they had also taken the responsibility of looking after them by giving them the water and manure regularly for their proper growth.

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