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Indian Organ Donation Day - 2016, Surat

On Date: 27 November 2016
Activity: Medical Care
Location: Surat Locationwise




On account of 7th Indian Organ Donation Day, Surat Municipal Corporation and Surat Doctors’ Association had jointly organized a rally in Surat on Sunday, the 27th November 2016 for developing an awareness among general public for donating organs “ORGAN DONATION AWARENESS WALKATHON” so that, by donating the organs of a dead person, a new life can be given to the needy patients in which, in addition to the saints from Yogi Divine Society, nearly 190 volunteers also had joined.

The latest research/progress in medical science has made it possible to implant the organs of a dead or brain dead persons in to the body of a patient suffering from the disease of a similar organ to give him the new life but, due to the baseless/false religious and social beliefs, people are hesitating/falling back from doing so and, if they are convinced about the benefits of organ donations for saving the life of an another person by donating their dead relatives’ organs and encouraged to do so, a lot of progress can be made on this front and with this aim in mind only, this rally was organized.

In this rally, along with the saints P. Santcharanswami, P. Satyaswaroopswami, P. Sarvadarshanswami and elderly volunteers Sri Jagdishbhai, Sri Gordhanbhai, Sri Jiteshbhai, Sri Pravinbhai and Dr. Sri Sahajbhai from the institution, around 190 gents, ladies and youths also had joined. The rally had started at 7.30 am early in the morning and passing from main roads of Surat, it had ended at 9.30 am which had encouraged the citizens of Surat for donation of organs of human body.

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