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Tribal Care - 2016, MP

On Date: 01 December 2016

During their visit to Madhya Pradesh, the saints from Yogi Divine Society, P. Sevakswaroopswami and P. Adarshjivanswami had, on Thursday, the 1st December 2016, also met there the backward people of interior villages with atmiyata and had given them the warmth.

To accomplish various projects of their different free social services, the saints from Yogi Divine Society keep moving everywhere in the entire country and, as part of it, P. Sevakswaroopswami and P. Adarshjivanswami had visited interior villages of Madhya Pradesh where they met backward, poor and illiterate people depending mostly on farm labour for their livelihood and inquired of their family life, financial position and well-being and gave them warmth and encouragement while also advising them to keep away from addictions and bad companies for their own happiness and prosperity.

While advising the farmers there, for doing organic farming by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, P. Sevakswami informed them that, initially it may give less produces but, on improving of soil, it will give more and better crop and fruits of best qualities giving more profits. Thus, they gave them atmiya sparsh.

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