Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Volunteer's Shibir - 2016, Halol

On Date: 23 December 2016


To achieve its targeted goals for any service institution, the maximum contribution of services have to come from its dedicated volunteers. So that, the social services regularly conducted by Yogi Divine Society are properly and efficiently conducted by its selfless volunteers, it was necessary to periodically train and channelizes their potentialities and, with this intention only, this shibir was organized.

Addressing to all the volunteers first in the shibir, P. Aacharyaswami had explained the meaning of services from different angles and had said that, donating grains/meals and clothes to the poor and needy people in the society is necessary but, much more important than it in the society today is, to give them the real/good cultures and hence, as the volunteers of Yogi Divine Society, our prime and important duty is to work to establish/develop atmiyata, harmony and cooperation among people in the society.

Speaking next, P. Shashwatswami said that, as a social volunteer, our manners/behavior should be ideal for others, we should always be ready for all types of services, none of our actions should ever hurt anybody, we should be punctual and disciplined and expressing his worry about lack of culture in today’s youths, he said that, we should always encourage everybody coming in our contacts to be in touch with the cultural centers run by Yogi Divine Society so that the good culture is developed in them and is also protected.

In this shibir, the elderly volunteers like Sri Gunvantbhai, Sri Vinodbhai, Sri Deepakbhai, Sri Kanubhai, Sri Viththalbhai and Sri Satishbhai also were present.

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