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World AIDS Day - 2016, Bharuch

On Date: 28 December 2016

On account of World AIDS Day (1st December), Yogi Divine Society had organized a shibir on Wednesday, the 28th December 2016 in “Atmiya Sanskar Dham” at Bharuch to spread the awareness about AIDS in the society in which, around 250 gents and ladies had participated.

While explaining in detail about AIDS through a power point presentation, the institution’s volunteer Sri Smitalbhai Patel had talked of reasons for infection of H.I.V., its symptoms and treatment along with related figures and informed that, it is caused while exchanging bloods, through infected needle of injection, unsecured sexual contacts and by infected mothers to their children when they are in womb except which, he said, there is no other source for getting infected and so, we should not believe in false beliefs/rumours and stop their spread. He also informed that, it can be controlled by immediately starting its treatment after its diagnosis and thereby, one can easily live a long normal life.

The elderly volunteers of the institution like Sri Khandubhai Patel, Sri Jagdishbhai Patel and other volunteers from Sanatan Pradesh also remained present in this program.

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