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World No Tobacco Day - 2017, Amalsad

On Date: 16 June 2017

On account of World Tobacco Prohibition Day, Yogi Divine Society had organized a seminar in community hall of Hari Mandir in Amalsad village of Gandevi taluka of Navsari Dist. on Friday, the 16th June 2017 on deadly effects of tobacco’s use in any form on human body in which, around 80 gents and youths had participated to know about its negative effects on body, mind and financial position.

In this seminar, with the help of power point presentation, the institution’s volunteer Sri Khernar Sir informed all about negative effects of use of tobacco in its different forms like smoking, eating, smelling etc. on human body.

The poisonous element called Nicotine of tobacco temporarily stimulates the smelling and brain cells of its user but, in the long run, make him dull making the user an addicted of tobacco which brings financial and bodily damage/loss, sometimes also making him the victim of depression and frequent mood swings resulting in making his nature angry rendering him an unwanted/disagreeable person in his family/society.

As lakh of people die of use of various products of tobacco, UNO has declared 31st May as World Tobacco Prohibition Day to develop awareness among people about its negative effects. He asked all those who were addicted of it, to give it up for the betterment and happiness of themselves and their family.

As a result of and response to this appeal, all the addicted people present there, had given it up and had shown preparedness to give/spread this information to all the other people in their contacts in the society. The local taluka president of congress Sri Dharmeshbhai and the elderly volunteers like Sri Chidanandbhai and Sri Rameshbhai from Yogi Divine Society also were present in this program.

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