Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 07 July 2021
Activity: Tribal Care

Welcoming the monsoon, Yogi Divine Society, Haridham-Sokhada held Umbrella Distribution Drive program at Navapura, Tal. Sanand, Dist. Ahmedabad. Complimentary umbrellas were distributed to 100 impoverished & needy people for protection from the rain & maintain their health from the seasonal change.

ચોમાસાના આગમન પહેલાં યોગી ડિવાઈન સોસાયટી, હરિધામ-સોખડા દ્વારા ગરીબ અને જરૂરીયાતમંદ લોકો રોજીંદા જીવનમાં ચોમાસાની ઋતુમાં વરસાદથી પોતાનું રક્ષણ કરીને પોતાનું સ્વાસ્થ્ય જાળવી શકે તેવા હેતુથી નવાપુરા (તા.સાણંદ, જિ.અમદાવાદ) મુકામે ''નિ:શુલ્ક છત્રી વિતરણ'' કાર્યક્રમ યોજી ૧૦૦ લોકોને છત્રી અર્પણ કરી હતી.

On Date: 07 July 2021
Activity: Medical Care

નવાપુરા (તા.સાણંદ જી.અમદાવાદ) મુકામે યોગી ડિવાઈન સોસાયટી, હરિધામ-સોખડા તથા દ્વારા તા.૦૭-૦૭-૨૧ના રોજ નિ:શુલ્ક નેત્રમણી-નેત્રયજ્ઞ કેમ્પ યોજાયો. જેમાં ગ્રામ્ય વિસ્તારોના આશરે 350 જેટલા દર્દીઓએ નિષ્ણાત તબીબોનો લાભ લીધો હતો. અને ૬૦ લોકોનું મોતીયાનું ઓપરેશન રાજકોટ ખાતે કરવામાં આવ્યું.


On Date: 31 July 2016

Yogi Divine Society had presented an example of doing its duty towards society through seva-bhakti and service by planting 21 trees on Sunday, the 31st July 2016 in the open area in Naroda for the protection of climate.

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On Date: 05 July 2015

Youth awareness movement is one of the many social upliftment activities periodically and regularly carried out by Yogi Divine Society. Under and as a part of this youth awareness movement, a camp/shibir, under the guidance of regional saint P. Brahmavihariswami was organized at Navapura, near Ahmedabad in the conference hall of Shree Aksharpurushottam Swaminarayan Temple on Sunday, the 5th July 2015 so that the youths can properly, gainfully and successfully utilize the social media in today’s digital age and they remain free and away from all sorts of addictions and bad friendships and always keep the company of good, right and cultured friends. Nearly 450 youths from Nadipar area of Ahmedabad had participated in this shibir to take the best and the most valuable advantage of it.


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On Date: 05 July 2015

A youth Shibir (Camp) was arranged in the presence of P. Brahmavihariswami and P. Harisharanswami on Sunday, the 5th July 2015 for the youths of Naroda region of Ahmedabad with a main intention to guide them as to how they can live and enjoy a totally peaceful, happy and cheerful positive life in every situation of today’s/present life full of rush and tension at every step, everywhere in which, nearly 900 youths wholeheartedly participated and got a most valuable practical guidance for improving their present life.

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