Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 17 May 2015
Activity: Sports

As in last 2 years, this year also, the Central City Mandal of Suhrad Pradesh (Ahmedabad) had arranged “Atmiya Premier League 3 – APL lll” i.e. a Cricket Tournament on Sunday, the 17th May 2015 in which, 12 teams out of total 14 Sabha Centres of Ahmedabad’s Central City Yuvak Mandal had participated. In the final match of APL 3 played between the Janata Nager team and the C.T.M. team, the C.T.M. team was the winner.

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On Date: 13 May 2021
Activity: Covid-19

Inauguration of Atmiya Positive Care Center done at Atmiya Sanskardham - Ahmedabad by eminent Saints of Haridham-Sokhada & Shri Kiritbhai Parmar(Mayor-AMC) & Pradipsinh Vaghela(General Secretary-BJP).



The Naroda Yuvak Mandal of Suhrad Pradesh (Ahmedabad) had, under the Youth Awareness Campaign conducted by Yogi Divine Society, Baroda whose primary and prominent mission is social service and the upliftment of the society, had arranged a presentation program on the subject ”Vacation : A Value Add” as a Youth Awareness Assembly between 9 PM & 10:30 PM on Wednesday, the 20th May 2015 in Nilkanth Bunglows, at Naroda and a similar program was also conducted simultaneously at Tirupati Bunglows in Naroda only at the same time. Around 75 youths were present at Nilkanth Bunglows while, about 125 youths participated in the program at Tirupati Bunglows and took the best advantage of the programs.

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