Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 26 January 2017
Activity: Tribal Care

Yogi Divine Society had, on Thursday, the 26th January 2017, distributed sweaters to nearly 50 students of primary school in Vashi Faliya area of Khergam village free of cost at the hands of institution’s saints P. Anandswaroopswami, P. Vitragswami, Sri Chidanandbhai and other volunteers.

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On Date: 22 January 2017

Yogi Divine Society had organized a “Atmiya Sparsh” sabha in H.D. Public High School of Amalsad village of Gandevi Taluka in Navsari Dist. on Sunday, the 22nd January 2017 in the presence of regional saint P. Anandswaroopswami, P. Bhaktipriyaswami and the elderly volunteers of the institution in which, nearly 2500 ladies, gents and the youths from Amalsad and its surrounding villages participated to learn the lessons of Atmiyata and positive life from the speeches by the saints.

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