Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 17 February 2016
Activity: Medical Care

In order to spread and increase the awareness about cancer as well as for its cure/treatment and its eradication from the entire world, the 4th February is being observed as the “World Cancer Day” on international level. On account of this, under their campaign of public awareness in the matter, Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada had organized a public awareness sabha on Wednesday, the 17th Feb 2016 at 9:00 PM at night in Ankur Vidya Bhavan on Amba Talavadi Road in Katargam. In this meeting, Dr. Shaileshbhai Jethwa (M.D. Physician —Sardar Hospital, Ved Road, Surat) had given all the detailed and basic information and guidance about the cancer disease. Around 200 youths had received the detailed knowledge about this disease of cancer in this sabha.

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On Date: 20 February 2016
Activity: Medical Care

Yogi Divine Society, Sokhada, Vadodara had organized a seminar on Thursday, the 18th February 2016 at Atmiya Farm, Nani Ved, Surat, on as to how to acquire and to maintain the good/proper health through ayurvedic which is not only of India but, of the entire world’s most ancient medical treatment. In this seminar, Dr. Kalpeshbhai had made conversant at least 150 ladies and gents about the various factors of ayurvedic medical treatments.

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On Date: 15 February 2019
Activity: Nation Care

Candle March Tribute to the soldiers martyred in Pulwama Terror Attack by Yogi Divine Society, Adajan, Surat member and Shri Purneshbhai Modi (MLA - Surat West constituency of Gujarat).