Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 21 August 2016
Activity: Medical Care

A blood donation camp was organized in Navneet Hospital, conducted at Dahisar in Mumbai by Jain Manav Kalyan Kendra, on Sunday, the 21st August 2016 jointly by Manav Kalyan Kendra, Yogi Divine Society and Jay Charities in which, as result of efforts by zealous youth volunteers of Yogi Divine Society 170 units of blood was collected.

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On Date: 13 August 2016

While regularly carrying out various activities of social services, Yogi Divine Society also does a number of activities for preserving the environment for the betterment of entire humanity as a part of which, a small effort was made by the saints and the Volunteers of Yogi Divine Society and the leading residents of Surat City with the cooperation from Fevicol Co. by planting 60 trees in the Sardar Patel Play Ground on Saturday, the 13th Aug 2016 before celebrating the independence day at Moti Ved, Surat.

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On Date: 12 August 2016
Activity: Tribal Care

The saints P. Shreejicharanswami and P. Sadhusaurabhswami from Yogi Divine Society had visited during 10th to 12th August 2016 the interior villages like Palasani, Mojala, Saripani, Dhadhaniya, Bhankha and Narvant of Nasvadi Taluka from Vadodara Dist. and met the poor and backward caste people there to give them the atmiya sparsh and to give them the solutions to their problems/difficulties by listening them carefully.

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On Date: 06 August 2016

In its Kandivali center at Mumbai in Ghanshyam Pradesh, Yogi Divine Society had, on Saturday, the 6th August 2016, organized a shibir to guide aspiring jobless youths by Sri Patanjali Alaiya as to how to face the difficulties and successfully clear the interviews.

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