Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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The domicile of humanity is at such a critical catastrophe where the survival of earth is at stake and intact human existence needs concord. The enmity of immorality, brutality, and natural or manmade calamities have seized the human race in their vicious grip that it cannot escape the hideous fortune over hanging with an undreamt apprehension and ambiguity. Furthermore, to be saved from total moral annihilation, we necessitate the God ordained saint's blessings.

Divine Inspiration & Revealation

The lexes "Service unto Mankind is service unto Divine" have been etched in golden writings in the annals of spirituality and are lived by Lord Swaminarayan in accordance with His most gracious blessings showered upon mankind and promise of continuous manifestation of Himself in the form of Perfect Spiritual Master - a Gunatit Saint ad-infinitum. The living legacy of the same is being lived and personified by H D H Hariprasad Swamiji - the founder-president of "YOGI DIVINE SOCIETY" with its head quarter at Haridham-Sokhada village, near Vadodara district in Gujarat state of India. Yogi Divine Society is a registered NGO and non-profit charitable organization conceptualied on the sanctified day of 16th August 1974. It works for the upliftment of the mankind since 4 decades. Swamiji's vision of spirituality is articulated in His message of "ATMIYATA" – spiritual harmony that has transcended the sentiments of stubbornness, resentment and sense of self. This message has swept across the global landscape through centres based in numerous countries, all effectively spreading the altruistic societal services and spiritual objectives of Yogi Divine Society.