Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Atmiya Dham-Karjan

In the rural areas of Karjan district of Gujarat State,Yogi Divine Society also develops community hall where the people from surrounding villages, which are unaware of spiritual growth, have now the opportunities to enhance its steps towards Lord Swaminarayan. Lord Swaminarayan had started His divine activates from such downtrodden people and given a chanceto become the happy from inner sense.So as to have the same upliftment, the project for AtmiyaDham has already started where Community Hall will be of 2000 sq. meters.

The care and concern provided by Yogi Divine Society’s saints and spiritual leaders will be a source of strength and support for all the students like us, who are facing the difficult times, especially benefitting the thousands who live away from their families, and finding true love from H. H. Hariprasadswamiji. Great thought have been given to the need of each and every youth in constructing this residential complex.