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Medical Camp - Feb. 2016, Haridham

On Date: 22 February 2016

By the grace, blessings and the inspiration of HDH Hariprasad Swamiji, Yogi Divine Society is active in many different social services and health care activities time to time. Based on a Sanskrit slogan/saying “Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan Sukhaya”, the Yogi Divine Society had organized ‘Atmiya Nishulk Sarvarog Nidan Camp’ and ‘Blood Donation Camp’ on Monday, the 22nd Feb 2016 at Haridham-sokhda. With cooperation, as a part of its contribution in whatever possible way, from the well-known hospitals of Vadodara city like The Dean’s Medical College Mobile Unit, Sterling Hospital, WelCare Hospital, Desai Eye Institute and the Indu Blood Bank the primary blood bank of vadodara had also participated to render its services to the society.

During the opening of the camp P. Suhradjivanswami had greeted, on behalf of Yogi Divine Society, all the doctors who especially came to provide their services in this camp. Then the camp was inaugurated by lighting up the lamp jointly by senior saint leader P. Kothariswami, P. Shastriswami, Shri J.M. Dave Saheb (Secretary – Yogi Divine Society), Shri Hemantbhai Bhatnagar (CEO – Sterling Hospital), Shri Jayantibhai (Vice President – Vadodara District Panchayat), Shri Rajubhai Patel (Sarpanchshri, Sokhada) and main doctors of each hospitals. Dr. Ashokbhai Mehta, who render his service in Haridham, welcomed all the doctors by offering bouquets. The invited doctors expressed their gratitude by offering bouquets to P. Kothariswamiji.

On this occasion Dr. Hemantbhai Bhatnagar, Dr. Vikrantbhai Soni, Dr. Kavitbhai Shah and Dr. Gaurangbhai Raiyani, in their speech, highly appreciated the arrangements and organization of the medical camp and also thank Yogi Divine Society to provide them an opportunity to participate in this noble cause of social service. Then, P. Kothariswamiji had thanked and appreciated all the participating Hospitals, Doctors and the volunteers for providing their cooperation in this noble cause of social service.

The camp was held with the help of around 25 Specialist Doctors from different streams who diagnosed diseases related to Heart, Bones, Kidney, Skin, Eye-Ear-Nose-Throat, Children, Women as well as incurable disease like Cancer. In all 1636 patients received benefits of diagnosis, guidance, treatment and medicines related to their diseases at free of cost.

Along with this medical camp, a Blood donation camp was also organised wherein 50 units of blood were collected.

On this occasion special arrangement was made to provide guidance to the visitors and the patients about the Mukhyamantri Amrutam ‘Ma – Amrutam’ Yojana (an initiative of Health & family welfare department of State of Gujarat) in which, more than 500 people had acquired the information about this scheme.

This camp was organized under the guidance of P. Santoshjivanswami (Medical Dept., Haridham) and Dr. Ashokbhai Mehta with the help of Saints, Sahishnu Sevak of Haridham, Shri Arpanbhai Patel - Sokhada (Master of Social Worker), Shri Nitinbhai Patel (Sanitary Inspector – Ved, Surat), and Atmiya Yuvak Mandal (Surat). Shri Rajubhai Patel (Sarpanchshri, Sokhada) and Shri Jayantibhai (Vice President, Vadodara District Panchayat) were also present on this occasion.

Following hospitals had participated in this Medical Camp : 1. The Dean’s Medical College Mobile Unit, Vadodara 2. Sterling Hospital, Vadodara 3. WelCare Hospital, Vadodara 4. Desai Eye Institute, Vadodara 5. Indu Blood Bank, Vadodara

List of Doctor’s participated in this Medical Camp : 1. Dr. Ashokbhai Mehta (Haridham, Sokhada), 2. Dr. Birenbhai Chauhan (Physician – Sarveshwar Hospital, Vadodara), 3. Dr. Dhrumil Patel (Orthopaedic Surgeon – Navrang Hospital, Vadodara), 4. Dr. Vikrant Soni (WelCare Hospital, Vadodara), 5. Dr. Jigar Shah (Orthopaedic Surgeon – WelCare Hospital, Vadodara), 6. Dr. Ronak Patel (Orthopaedic Surgeon – WelCare Hospital, Vadodara), 7. Jignesh Prajapati (WelCare Hospital, Vadodara), 8. Dr. Haresh Thummar (Urologist – Sterling Hospital, Vadodara), 9. Dr. Umesh Godhani (Nephrologist – Sterling Hospital, Vadodara), 10. Dr. Dipyan Nandi (Cancer Surgeon – Sterling Hospital, Vadodara), 11. Dr. Vinit Sheth (Cardiologist – Sterling Hospital, Vadodara), 12. Dr. Ankit Desai (Ophthalmologist – Desai Eye Hospital, Vadodara), 13. Dr. Aalap Kapuriya (Dentist, Vadodara), 14. Dr. Parth Patel (Dentist, Vadodara), 15. Dr. Kavit Shah (Dentist, Vadodara), 16. Dr. Gaurang Raiyani (Surgeon, Vadodara), 17. Dr. Pankim Patel (Skin Specialist, Vadodara), 18. Dr. Kedar Suthar (Physician, Vadodara), 19. Dr. Prajapati (Physician – SSG Hospital, Vadodara), 20. Dr. Krunal Amin (Pediatrician – SSG Hospital, Vadodara). 21. Dr. Pinky (Skin Specialist – SSG Hospital, Vadodara), 22. Dr. Dipika (Gynecologist – SSG Hospital, Vadodara), 23. Dr. Hemal Thakkar (Vadodara), 24. Vasantbhai Patel (Pharmacist – SSG Hospital, Vadodara)


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