Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

South Gujarat Volunteer's Shibir - June 2015, Bilimora

On Date: 21 June 2015




The saints, workers and the followers of Yogi Divine Society always constantly work hard at the best of their ability to support and contribute their share in all the social upliftment activities taken up/conducted by the institution and serve as its hands and legs (limbs). In order to develop, expand and increase their skills to serve, Yogi Divine Society is periodically arranging training shibirs for them. One such shibir for its workers from South Gujarat was organized on Sunday, the 21st June 2015 in Somnath Hall situated in the premises of Somnath Mahadev at Bilimora in which, around 1000 workers from Shri Hari Pradesh, Dharmabhakti Pradesh, Sunrut Pradesh and Yogiji Pradesh participated.

In the beginning of the 1st session of the shibir, the workers of Amalsad presented very highly inspiring sweet bhajans and encouraged all the workers there. Then, in his occasional speech, P. Gungrahakswami said that, such shibirs are very important and helpful in creating and developing the spirit and tempo of the workers and called upon youths to utilize their full energies for the youth awareness in their areas.

Then, Sri Ashishbhai (Jahangirpura) said in his speech that, we must attain control on ourselves first to be able to control others afterwards and in support of this statement, he narrated the life incidents of a few great personalities and emphasized that, if we won’t have control on ourselves then, our life will also be like a horse without the bridle and it will go astray.

Then, a forceful, inspiring and encouraging speech by P.P. Swamiji, made by Him on 16-4-2015 was relayed through an audio-video presentation on screen followed by a speech by P. Harisharanswami who narrated incidents of P.P. Swamiji’s totally mixing up with all the small and young boys with pure love and highest sweetness by going right up to their own levels even at His own such an old age of 82 years during His trip of Bharuch and Ankleshwar areas and called upon every youth worker to mix up with others and carry out youth activities in full cooperation with each other. He said that, every youth desires/expects real love from others today, so, we all should also go right up to their levels, give them real love and respect and try to solve all their problems in their own ways.  

Then, the youth worker Sri Deepbhai (Pathari) described his own life incidents and said that, for the transformation of my own nature, life style and temperament, P.P. Swamiji had kept very long patience and all the while continued to love me as ever. He thanked P.P. Swamiji, the saints of Yogi Divine Society and the elder workers of the Y.D.S. institution. Then, again all took benefit of listening to P.P. Swamiji’s another speech (Paravani) through video. Then, P. Anandswaroopswami narrated the life style of P.P. Swamiji during His youth when He was living with P.P.Yogiji Maharaj and described/clarified as to what and how should be the life style of an ideal youth volunteer.

In the beginning of the 2nd session of the shibir, the youth worker Sri Miteshbhai Panchal talked about P.P. Swamiji’s Suhradbhav and secularism and asked every youth volunteer to work in the society for all without any discrimination of caste or creed. Sri Nareshbhai Parmar described as to what type of a high quality society of noble and spirit-full youths P.P. Swamiji Has established/ created. Quoting a slogan that “Service to men is a service to God” Sri Manishbhai said that, as per this slogan, if we really and sincerely work for downtrodden people of the society, then only our services will reach up to God.

The elderly volunteer from Sri Hari Pradesh Sri Gordhanbhai said that, P.P. Swamiji expects all of us to develop and bear qualities like discipline, politeness, courtesy, good conduct etc. within us. We are really most fortunate enough to have been selected by P.P. Swamiji for the services of youths.

P. Subodhswami said that, the best and ideal worker is P.P. Swamiji Himself and if we all just keep our eyes towards Him and keep studying His life, we will get the top inspiration and an encouragement to live a life like Him. In the end of the sabha -> meeting P. Sarvamangalswami described in his speech that, we all have to strive to achieve our goal like Arjuna. What kind of a Gurubhakti -> devotion towards His teacher -> P.P. Yogiji Maharaj He, P.P. Swamiji, must have at His heart that He totally devoted/dedicated everything/totally of His entire life just at a single/simple desire/instruction from His guru in the services of all the youths to make them all totally happy in their life in the real sense of the term. We all are also the members of that same Yogi Divine Society, meaning, the sons of P.P. Yogiji Maharaj and hence, it also becomes our sacred duty too, that, we also dedicate everything of our own in the services of youth folk. He also encouraged youth workers to establish youth awareness centers at every Dist. and City levels and, from there, the youths of general society should continue to get guidance through shibirs and seminar media for the development of their life and careers.

With a firm resolution by every youth volunteer present there to devote/sacrifice everything of his life in the services of youths in the society, the sabha-meeting got concluded.  

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