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Blood Donation Camp - 2017, Nadiad

On Date: 16 July 2017




Yogi Divine Society had organized a Blood Donation Camp, with the cooperation from Red Cross Society, Blood Bank, in Mayur Hall, opp. Mai Mandir in Nadiad on Sunday, the 16th July 2017 between 9.00 am & 2.00 pm in which, institution’s volunteers and the residents from Nadiad had participated with great enthusiasm and had collected 87 units of blood for the real needy people.

Donating blood is a biggest/invaluable donation..... because, artificial preparation of blood isn’t possible and, during the contingencies/urgencies like thalassemia, accidents and operations, even if the relatives of the needy patients wish to donate their blood, a long time is consumed in its testing and its collection if found matching, a lot of most critical time is consumed which may even sometimes cause undesirable consequences putting the life of the involved person at stake.

Considering all these situations, with an aim of being helpful to the patients, Yogi Divine Society had organized this blood donation camp in which, even the regional saints of the institution P. Dharmakishorswami and P. Pabhudarshanswami also remained present and donated their own blood to inspire others also to follow the suit. Under the guidance from institution’s volunteers Sri Jigneshbhai Brahmabhatt and Sri Hemalbhai Soni, other volunteers had rendered their selfless services throughout the entire camp and, the blood so collected here was safely deposited with blood bank of Red Cross Society.

The well-known leaders from Nadiad city like Dr. Yogeshbhai Lakhani and Smt. Arunaben Patel also remained present during the camp. The administrators of Red Cross Society and other social leaders also highly praised this work of selfless social service by Yogi Divine Society.

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