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Inauguration of Mobile Van - 2017, Netrang

On Date: 09 February 2017





A medical mobile van provided to Yogi Divine Society by the Govt. of Guj. for public services was dedicated to public at “Bhaktidham”, Netrang on Thursday, the 9th February 2017 in the presence of the elderly saints from Haridham Sri Vitthaldas Patel (Sec.), assembly member from Bharuch Sri Mansukhbhai Vasava, MLA Sri Motibhai Vasava, Ex. Pres. of Narmada Zilla Panchayat Sri Shankarbhai Vasava and many other socio-political leaders and nearly 5000 ladies and gents from this area. The institution will provide free medical services to the poor and deserving people from the interior parts of Dediyapada Taluka with the help of this Mobile Medical Van.

In the presence of more than 5000 people, P. Premswaroopswami, Sri Vitthaldas Patel from Yogi Divine Society and the assembly member from Bharuch Sri Mansukhbhai Vasava, the medical mobile van was dedicated to the public during a celebration. It would be worth mentioning here that, Yogi Divine society has been providing free medical services to poor villagers through its medical mobile vans since last many years. Noting and being impressed by these social services, the Govt. of Guj. had donated 3 medical mobile vans to the institution of which, one was put in the services of people from Dediyapada District.

Addressing the public present there on this occasion, the institution’s secretary Sri Vtthaldas Patel said that, with the help of this medical mobile van, the institution will provide to the poor public from Dediyapada Dist. and around 35 surrounding villages, the high class medical diagnosis of their diseases and the required medical treatments and the medicines by providing an expert doctor in the van. He further said that, Yogi Divine Society is fully committed to fulfill its total responsibilities entrusted to it by the Govt. and to provide services to the last needy man of the society.

On this occasion, the assembly member Sri Masukhbhai Vasava said that, he himself has witnessed the various social services regularly done by Yogi Divine Society through its totally dedicated and selfless saints and volunteers. Recently only, they had carried out a cleanliness campaign under the Clean India Campaign in Dediyapada and had alerted the surrounding villagers for cleanliness and, such activities are really praiseworthy deserving congratulations.

P. Santoshswami, who manages the medical dept. in Yogi Divine Society, had guided the villagers for the proper utilization of the services of the medical mobile van and appealed them to advertise to all other people around, about these services when the van comes there so that, they also can take its benefit.

In this program, the elderly saints and Sri Vitthaldas Patel (Sec.) from Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada, assembly member from Bharuch Sri Mansukhbhai Vasava, MLA Sri Motibhai Vasava, Ex. Pres. of Narmada Zilla Panchayat Sri Shankarbhai Vasava, the C.M. of Vatariya Sugar factory Sri Sandipbhai Mangrola, the Dir. Sri Narendrabhai from Thava Kelavani Mandal, BJP leader Sri Ballubhai, Dediyapada TDO Sri K.K.Vasava Sir, Youth Congress leader Sri Ayubkhan Pathan, Dalpatbhai Vasava, the collector of Netrang Sri Khodabhai Koli etc. dignitaries and elderly volunteers from Bharuch and Ankaleshwar and from ladies dept., the regional sadhvi from Sahajanand Pradesh P. Shukmuniben, Sauhardben and other lady leaders from the local area also remained present.

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