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Ambrish Sabha, Bharuch

On Date: 13 May 2014

A sabha of all the Ambrish families was organized at Sarvnaman Vidya Mandir in Bharuch area on 13-05-2014 in the divine presence of P.P.Swamishree.

The sabha started with Kirtan Bhakti after which, P.Chintanswami addressed the sabha in which he described the unparalleled hard work done by P.P.Swamiji for establishing a society of Ambrsh families as per the desire of P.P.Yogiji Maharaj. Then, P.Tyagvallabhswami vividly described and explained the real examples of lifestyle of Ambrish families living with each other with real love, affection and dedication as per P.P. Swamiji’s desire so that they can get a place in  P.P.Swamiji’s heart.

In the end, P.P.Swamiji provided important guidance and showed how best Ambrish families can establish their permanent and constant relation with God. After this, the sabha got concluded with mahaprasad.

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