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Acupuncture Camp - Sept. 2016, AVD

On Date: 10 September 2016

Yogi Divine Society conducts a number of activities of social services and social welfare regularly and periodically at different places a part of which, is medical treatments in which, the institution arranges the free diagnosis camps for different diseases, blood donation camps etc. where, the patients are also provided the medicines at concessional rates or even totally free and, one of them means a camp for Advanced Acupuncture which was organized at Atmiya Vidya Dham, Bakrol on 3rd, 4th and on 10th Sept 2016 in which, the doctor Dr. C.U. Patel, an expert in acupuncture treatment had treated nearly 120 patients and gave them relief in their diseases.

Informing about acupuncture treatment system, Dr. C.U. Patel said that, it is an ancient treatment system about 5,000 years old Chinese treatment system. The Chinese Baudh saints had preserved and developed it. The element of pran/life constantly keeps flowing in our body. Wherever this flow is retarded/blocked, the disease starts....... the acupuncture treatment system has started on this scientific belief/fact. The parts of the body where the problems in the body are noticed/felt, the organs of that part are activated by piercing a very thin needle there on the body resulting in the restart of the blocked flow and thus, the control on the disease is achieved.

The camp was kept in the afternoon between 2 to 5 pm. The patients suffering from the diseases like pains in the shoulders, migraine, neck, back and waist, joints of hands-legs, stomach-ache, acidity, paralysis etc. were treated by Dr. C.U. Patel Sir here. On the last day of the camp, saint leader P. Anandsagarswami had presented a prayer at the feet of Lord for Dr. C.U. Patel’s constant progress in his field and thanked him on behalf of Yogi Divine Society for the cooperation that he had rendered in this work of social service.

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