Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Medical Camp - Dec. 2016, Kalidoli

On Date: 13 December 2016



A Medical and Blood Donation Camp was organized by Yogi Divine Society in Shree Aksharpurushottam Swaminarayan Farm at Kalidoli situated in the interior area of Nasvadi Taluka of Chhotaudepur Dist. in collaboration with other medical institutions on Tuesday, the 13th Dec 2016 in which, 1017 patients had made 2210 consultations with different medical experts to get information and appropriate guidance for their various ailments.

P.P. Hariprasadswamiji always preaches “A service unto man is a service unto God”....... and, its follower Yogi Divine Society organizes at regular intervals, such projects of social services for poor and backward class of people in the society. A camp for free diagnosis of all the diseases was organized in Shree Akshar Purushottam Farm at Kalidoli village on Tuesday, the 13th Dec 2016. To encourage, support and make such works of social services faster, the renowned hospitals of Vadodara City like Dhiraj Hosp., K. M. Shah Dental Hosp., Swike Hospital & Research Center and the main blood bank of Vadodara, ‘Indu Blood Bank’ also participated in this program/project.

While lighting the lamp in the beginning of the camp, along with regional saint of Krishnaji Pradesh P. Shreejicharanswami and elderly volunteer Sri Prakashbhai, Dr. Jayesh Patel (Physician, Swike Hosp.), Dr. Neel Patel, Dr. Abhishek and Sri. Shivrajbhai all from Dhiraj Hosp., Sri Hasmukhbhai (Swike Hosp.), Sri Indravadanbhai (Indu Blood Bank) and Sri Bhaveshbhai (H.D.F.C. Bk.) all had also joined. After lighting the lamp, the saints, high personalities and all the doctor friends who all had come right up to the interior village like Kalidoli from Vadodara Metro City were welcomed with bouquets.

Then, around 10.15 am, the registration had started. P. Sadhusaurabhswami had, after discussions with the local volunteers from this pradesh, allotted the timings to the patients from the surrounding villages as a result of which, everything went very smoothly without wasting anybody’s time and the patients from 2 to 3 surrounding villages kept coming at the intervals of every 1 or 1.1/2 hours creating absolutely no rush at all at any time throughout while also saving the time of the villagers.

In this camp organized with the cooperation from 15 specialized doctors from various fields and 12 paramedical staff, total 1017 registrations were done which included 582 consultancies of sickle cell anemia, 368 Physician consultancies, 342 consultancies for bone related diseases, 242 consultancies for Eye diseases, 118 consultancies for women related diseases, 91 for Child diseases, 81 general surgeon consultancies, 47 B.P. checkups, 33 cardiograms, 45 for Dental diseases, 15 kidney diseases and other consultancies making a total of 2210 in all along with 217 extra tests of blood of patients of sickle cell anemia which were also done.

In the blood donation camp also arranged here simultaneously, 103 units of blood was also collected with the assistance from Indu Blood Bank and H.D.F.C. Bank.

On this occasion, an exclusive and special arrangement was also made to properly and adequately guide the people for the Chief Minister “Ma Amrutam” scheme run by Guj. Govt.’s Health & Family Welfare Dept. of which, more than 228 persons had taken benefit.

More than 50 volunteers from Kalidoli and its surrounding villages extended their full cooperation and services throughout under the guidance from P. Santoshjivanswami giving his services in the medical Dept. in Haridham and sahishnu sevak Dr. Pragneybhai.

In this medical camp, 1) Dhiraj Hosp. 2) K. M. Shah Dental Hosp. 3) Swike Hosp. 4) Indu Blood Bk., all from Vadodara had extended full cooperation as a part of their duty along with H.D.F.C. Bank also.

In addition to this, all the patients examined here were also provided the medicines related to their diseases free of cost.

In this medical camp, the renowned and famous doctors like Dr. Dharmesh & Dr. Jigar (Med. Dept.), Dr. Kamaldipsinh Chavla (Cardiologist), Dr.Hanipalsinh Rauljee & Dr. Devarshee (Surgery), Dr. Smit (Skin), Dr. Priyanka (Dentist), Dr. Chandani & Dr. Devendra (Child Diseases), Dr. Neel Patel & Dr. Vikramjitsinh (Orthopedic), Dr. Neha & Dr. Ekta (Women Diseases), Dr. Abhishek (E.N.T.), Dr. Poonam & Dr. Aansi (Eyes), Dr. Devendra Pandya (Physician) and Dr. Jayesh Patel (Sikle Cell Anemia) had given the benefit of their skills to the villagers from the poor and backward areas.

Dr. Chowdhari Sir, C.D.H.O., from the Health Dept. of Guj. Govt. had come to inspect this camp. He was welcomed by Yogi Divine Society and all the other institutions. He had himself personally visited all the booths in the camp and talked to the doctors there and had watched the consultations given to the patients. After fully visiting/seeing the entire camp, he had expressed his full satisfaction and highly and whole heartedly appreciated the efforts and hard work done by P. Shreejicharanswami and Dr. Santoshjivanswami from Yogi Divine Society for arranging such a nice medical camp in such a most interior and backward area to provide to the local poor and needy people the rare and valuable services at their door-steps totally free of cost.

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