Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Tree Plantation Campaign - 2015, Netrang

On Date: 31 July 2015




As a part of preservation of good/pure/clean climate- environment based on a Sanskrit slogan/saying “Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan Sukhaya”, the Yogi Divine Society had organized a program of planting trees on Friday, the 31st July 2015 at 1.00 pm in the afternoon through its saints and workers, with help and cooperation from the leaders of the local society, and, as a part of its contribution in whatever possible way, had planted 101 new trees there and thus, rendered its services to the society as a devotion.

The regional saint leaders P. Bhaktivallabhswami and P. Balmukundswami accompanied by the elderly workers of Sahajanand Pradesh and nearly 100 youths attached to Yogi Divine Society had also enthusiastically joined in this program right from beginning till end with saints and leaders.

While addressing on this occasion, P. Bhaktivallabhswami said that, it is our joint duty and sacred responsibility to gift a clean and pure totally pollution free environment/climate/atmosphere to our children/next coming generation. Today, the activities of planting and growing trees are not done at the speed and in the proportion at which rate, the trees are cut in this world of fast expanding industrialization as a result of which, the total atmosphere is being highly polluted. The one and the only remedy to end this vicious cycle of pollution is to plant and grow more and more trees and to look after them and to preserve them with the existing forests in the nature and, to truly and necessarily promote this activity. And, that is the reason why, the Yogi Divine Society is doing its best with the help and cooperation from all coming forward to help and assist in this direction/field.

The politicians and the social leaders also took this opportunity of noble social service for the betterment of general-common public by giving their contribution also, whatever they could. Sri Kiranbhai Makwana (Ex MLA), Sri Shankarbhai Vasava (President, Narmada Dist. Irrigation Prog.), Sri Zakharbhai (President. Marketing Yard. Dediyapada), Sri Hemantbhai (R.T.O. Insp.) and Sri Khandubhai all remained present in this program.

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