Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 26 April 2021
Activity: Covid-19

"Bring Comfort, Bring Smile". We, Yogi Divine Society - Haridham, Sokhada have started Atmiya Positive Care Center at ATMIYA VIDYA DHAM Vidya Nagar. The objective is to provide safe and healthy environment with comfortable treatment to “The Senior Citizens” to safeguard them from COVID-19.


On Date: 05 April 2021
Activity: Covid-19

In a COVID-19 Vaccine drive organized by Yogi Divine Society in association with PHC Centre at Atmiya Vidyadham, Bakrol a total 158 people benefitted. Looking forward to a COVID-19 free world !


On Date: 15 April 2018

Yogi Divine Society had organized on Sunday, the 15th April 2018 a seminar on Career Guidance at Atmiya Vidya Dham, Bakrol.


On Date: 16 April 2017

Yogi Divine Society had organized on Sunday, the 16th April 2017 a seminar on Career Guidance at Atmiya Vidya Dham, Bakrol in the presence of P. Guruprasadswami and P. Anandsagarswami in which, Sri Paramrut Sir and Sri Jigneshbhai Tanna Sir had provided proper guidance to nearly 700 students of Std. 10th and 12th as to which field of education they should choose now, where their parents also remained present.

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On Date: 15 April 2017
Activity: Medical Care

On account of World Malaria Day, Yogi Divine Society had, on Saturday, the 15th April 2017, shown a presentation in Valla village of Nadiad Taluka when, around 600 ladies and gents remained present and got information about how to protect themselves from Malaria.

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