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On Date: 02 October 2019

Gandhi Jayanti & Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti is celebrated at Atmiya Vidya Niketan. The students and members of school sensitized the awareness about Swachh Bharat. They spread the message to stop the Single Use Plastic. They had also spread message for water conservation.


On Date: 15 August 2014
Activity: Nation Care

 On 15th Aug 2014, the auspicious day, the 68th anniversary of independence of our country, India was celebrated at Atmiyadham, Goregaon, Mumbai with full joy and zeal in the presence of regional saint leader P. Haripriyaswami and atmiya kinsmen Sri Subhashbhai Desai ( Shiv Sena leader & MLA ) and Sri Rajubhai Padhye (Corporator) in which, around 200 people had remained present to hoist and salute our national flag to express their national devotion.



sp.15du Ap¡Nô$$ 2014“p d„Ngde Ahkf¡ ApÐdue^pd, Np¡f¡Np„h - dy„bC Mps¡ cpfs“p 68dp õhps„Ó‘h®“u Dëgpkc¡f DS>hZu L$fhpdp„ Aphu. ‘°pv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. lqfr‘°eõhpdu s’p ApÐdue õhS>“ îu kycpjcpB v$¡kpB (Shiv Sena Leader & M.L.A.) s’p îu fpSy>cpB ‘pÂe¡ (L$p¡‘p£f¡V$fîu)“p kp„r“Ýedp„ Np¡f¡Np„h rhcpN“p Apif¡ 200 S>¡V$gp kæep¡A¡ khpf¡ 8:30 hpÁe¡ D‘[õ’s flu Ap fpô$²ÝhS>“¡ kgpdu Ap‘u fpô$²cqL$s Av$p L$fu.

On Date: 03 May 2015
Activity: Nation Care

Separating from Maharashtra State on 1st May 1960, Gujarat got established as a new/separate state. Since then onwards, the day of 1st May is being observed as “Gujarat Sthapana Din”. On account of this, on Sunday, the 3rd May 2015, the Nirgun Pradesh (Rajkot) had arranged a public meeting between 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM in Sarvanaman Hall of Yogidham, Kalavad Road, Rajkot to celebrate this day. Around 150 elders participated in the celebration.

sp. 1 d¡, 1960“p fp¡S> "NyS>fps' dlpfpô² fpÄe’u Sy>v$y„ ’B A¡L$ “hp fpÄe sfuL¡$ õ’pr‘s ’ey„ s¡ qv$hk’u v$f hj£ "1 d¡' “p¡ qv$hk NyS>fps õ’p‘“p qv$hk sfuL¡$ DS>hpe R>¡. s¡ r“rdÑ¡ frhhpf, sp.3-5-2015“p fp¡S> kp„S>¡ 5:30 ’u 7:30 v$fçep“ r“Ny®Z âv$¡i (fpS>L$p¡V$) Üpfp kh®“d“ lp¡g, ep¡Nu^pd, L$pgphpX$ fp¡X$ Mps¡ NyS>fps õ’p5“p qv$hk“u DS>hZu dpV$¡ A¡L$ Ål¡f kcp“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„, S>¡dp„ Apif¡ 150 S>¡V$gp hX$ugp¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡ lsp¡.

On Date: 15 August 2015
Activity: Nation Care

With a noble cause of creating national love in general public of the society, Yogi Divine Society had arranged on the occasion of Independence Day of India on Sunday, the 15th Aug 2015 at 8.00 am at Atmiyadham, Manjalpur, Vadodara (Bhagatji Pradesh) a program of public awakening rally through its saints, workers and children of Bal Mandals conducted by this institution along with the program of Flag Salutation Ceremony.

ir“hpf, sp. 15-08-2015 “p fp¡S> khpf¡ 8:00 L$gpL¡$ ep¡Nu rX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp cpfs“p õhs„Ósp‘h®“u DS>hZu“p cpN fy‘¡ s’p kdpS>dp„ fpô²$crL$s“y„ tkQ“ ’pe s¡hp Ddv$p l¡sy’u ApÐdue^pd, dp„S>g‘yf h$X$p¡v$fp (cNsÆ âv$¡i) dyL$pd¡ k„õ’p“p k„sp¡, L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡ s’p k„õ’p Üpfp k„Qpgus bpgd„X$m“p rv$L$fpAp¡ Üpfp S>“ ÅN©rs f¡gu s¡dS> ÝhS>h„v$““p L$pe®¾$d“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„.

On Date: 15 August 2015
Activity: Nation Care

As a part of India’s Independence Day celebration ceremony and to develop the spirit of devotion towards our nation among people in the society, the saints and the workers of Yogi Divine Society and the leaders and the prominent persons of the society had collectively arranged at 8.00 am on Saturday, the 15th Aug 2015 a program of saluting the national flag of India, a symbol of our pride, in the ground of Shree Sharada Vidya Mandir in Kadodara (Tal. Vagara, Dist. Bharuch) and had exhibited their love for the nation.

ir“hpf, sp. 15-08-2015 “p fp¡S> khpf¡ 8:00 L$gpL¡$ cpfs“p õhs„Ósp‘h®“u DS>hZu“p cpN fy‘¡ s’p kdpS>dp„ fpô²$cqL$s“y„ tkQ“ ’pe s¡hp Ddv$p l¡sy’u L$X$p¡v$fp (sp.hpNfp, Æ.cfyQ) dyL$pd¡ îu ipfv$p rhÛp d„qv$f“p ‘V$p„NZdp„ k„õ’p“p k„sp¡, L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡ s’p kdpS>“p AN°ZuAp¡A¡ c¡Np dmu õhs„Ó cpfs“p Np¥fhrQŒ A¡hp fpô²$ÝhS>“¡ kgpdu A‘u® v$¡ic[¼s Av$p L$fu lsu.

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On Date: 26 January 2016
Activity: Nation Care

The 67th Republic Day of Independent India was celebrated on Tuesday, the 26th January 2016 with great pleasure and enthusiasm by Yogi Divine Society at Manjalpur in Vadodara in the presence and the guidance of its regional saint leader P. Praneshswami and other regional leaders and about 250 children. Remaining present on this occasion, many other high dignitaries of the city also had saluted with great respect and honour the tri-coloured flag, the sign of independence of India.

d„Nmhpf, sp.26-01-2016“p fp¡S> dp„S>g‘yf, hX$p¡v$fp Mps¡ õhs„Ó cpfs“p 67dp âÅkÑpL ‘h®“u DS>hZu âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|.âpZ¡iõhpdu“u fplbfu “uQ¡ âv$¡i“p hqX$gp¡ s’p Apif¡ 250 S>¡V$gp bpmL$p¡“u lpS>fudp„ D‰pkc¡f L$fhpdp„ Aphu lsu. Ap Ahkf¡ il¡f“p fpS>L$ue dlp“ycphp¡A¡ ‘Z D‘[õ’s flu cpfs“p õhps„Ósp rQŒ A¡hp rÓf„Np“¡ cphkcf kgpdu Ap‘u lsu.

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On Date: 31 January 2016
Activity: Nation Care

On account of 67th Republic Day, Yogi Divine Society had organized on Thursday, the 31st Jan 2016, a grand program at Atmiya Dham (Bakrol) to remember and respect the highest contribution in India’s fight and struggle of Independence, a speech by a renowned Gujarati author Dr. Sharad Thakar on Veer Savarkar, “A lion man”. Around 650 participants had participated in this program and had known about the great dedications given by India’s immortal sons.

cpfs“p 67dp NZs„Ó qv$hk“¡ A“ygnu“¡ Nyfyhpf sp.31-01-2016“p fp¡S> ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp ApÐdue rhÛp^pd (bpL$fp¡g) Mps¡ cpfs“p õhps„Ó k„N°pddp„ S>¡dZ¡ A“¡fy„ ep¡Nv$p“ Apàey„ R>¡ s¡hp rhf kphfL$f - A¡L$ tkl ‘yfyj.. Ap rhje ‘f ÅZusp NyS>fpsu g¡ML$ X$p¸.ifv$ W$pL$f“p hL$sìe“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. Ap hL$sìe“p¡ Apif¡ 650 S>¡V$gp îp¡spAp¡A¡ gpc gB õhs„Ósp dpV¡$ dp„ cpfsu“p k‘ysp¡A¡ L¡$hp bguv$p“p¡ Apàep R>¡ s¡“u ÅZL$pfu d¡mhu lsu.

On Date: 25 September 2016
Activity: Nation Care

When the entire world is suffering from devilish terrorism, the innocent and valorous/brave/heroic jawans of our great army defending the borders of our motherland also frequently become the victims of it. To pay the tributes to 18 of such heroic sons of our country India, who lost their life in an unexpected sudden terrorist attack on them when they were on their duty in an army camp neat Uri in Kashmir, a candle march was organized at Dabhoi by Yogi Divine Society on Sunday, the 25th Sept 2016 in which, nearly 300 gents, ladies and youths had remembered their martyrdom and lit candles with their crying hearts and had presented the National Song.

kdN° rhð Ópkhpv$’u ‘uX$pe R>¡ Ðepf¡ cpfs“u S>“sp’u dp„X$u kflv$ ‘f afS> bÅhsp„ k¡“p“p S>hp“p¡ ‘Z hMsp¡ hMs s¡“p¡ cp¡N b“u füp„ R>¡. spS>¡sfdp„ L$pídufdp„ Aph¡g Dfu ‘pk¡ gíL$fu L¡$ç‘ ‘f ’e¡g Ópkhpv$u lºdgpdp„ 18 cpfsue S>hp“p¡ irlv$ ’ep„ s¡ S>hp“p¡“¡ îÂ^p„S>gu A‘®hp dpV¡$ X$cp¡B Mps¡ ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp frhhpf, sp.25-09-2016“p fp¡S> L¡$ÞX$g dpQ®“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. S>¡dp„ X$cp¡B“p AN°ZuAp¡ krls Apif¡ 300 S>¡V$gp cpBAp¡ A“¡ eyhp“p¡A¡ c¡Np dmu S>hp“p¡“u ilpv$s“¡ epv$ L$fu duZbsu âNV$phu fpô²$Nus“y„ Np“ L$fu îÂ^p„S>gu Ap‘u lsu.