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Awareness drive of Solar Rooftop Scheme - 2016, Surat

On Date: 24 September 2016
Activity: Enviromental Care
Location: Surat Locationwise

Yogi Divine Society had, on Sunday, the 24th September 2016, made an effort to popularize and encourage the use of renewable sources of energy to nearly 60 individuals under “Solar Roof-top Scheme”.

The main sources of energy include coal, oil etc., atomic energy, renewable energy from wind, water and sunlight. Renewable energy received from nature is pure and clean which include water energy, wind energy and solar energy. The main advantage of these energies is that, it is totally harmless to the climate but, even after the development of technology, the use of these resources is found to be slightly difficult and is costly too.

Yet, in India, the bright sunlight is since available for 10 months out of 12 months of a year, if people are taught to make use of it, a lot of energy can be produced very cheaply and, simply putting up a single solar panel on every roof-top, those houses can be made self-reliant for their requirement of light/electricity and similarly, by producing and collecting more electricity in the same way, it can be used even for the industrial purpose.

For this, with the cooperation from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy - Govt. of India, Gujarat Energy Development Agency, Solar Energy Corporation of India and Surat Municipal Corporation this seminar was organized in which, the experts from all these institutions had, for putting up a solar panel on the houses, provide related information and guidance in detail like whom to apply, how much amount is required to be paid, how much govt. subsidy is available, how much space is required for it and how much energy can be produced etc.

At the end of the seminar, many of the participants had shown their interest in govt.’s this scheme and to give cooperation in making India self-reliant in production of electricity.

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